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Is it possible to become obsessed with obtaining a "baby butt shave"?

Asked by SABOTEUR (13712points) August 23rd, 2015 from iPhone

I recently converted from using disposable razors to “wet shaving”...using a shaving brush, making lather and using an adjustable double edged razor. I’ve learned the necessity of properly moisturizing the face, applying NO PRESSURE to the razor and using multiple passes to shave without irritation or cutting the face. I’m becoming quite efficient at getting an extremely close shave, however…

…it ain’t BBS.

I get to the point of applying shaving balm and I feel fine hair on my face. I don’t care how many times I re-lubricate (Shave Secret) and re-shave, there’s ALWAYS fine hair left somewhere on my face.

I HATE hair on my face. I fear daily attempts to remove this last bit of facial hair has become an obsession.

What to do?

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Let’s put it this way- if you got a perfect shave, how long would it be before your beard grew to where you would notice it?

I have used a brush and soap for years (since the 70s) and find that I can get an ideal shave with quality soap, hot hot water, and a fresh bade.

But if I use a blade that is more than about five days old, or the water is not quite hot enough, or I use a lesser grade of soap, I don’t get as close a shave.

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What to do?

If you’ve got the money (and the time for multiple appts.) there’s always electrolysis. Permanent solution. But costly.

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