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How does hair grow back after shaving?

Asked by Ajulutsikael (1694points) May 17th, 2011

I know this topic was already created, but it was 2 years ago and I wanted some updated information on this subject. I posted already on the previous topic, but I will copy and paste my response here for more clarification on this.

This all started when I was in 6th grade. My mom didn’t allow me to wear pants so I was always wearing dresses. Since I wasn’t shaving I had a lot of people pick on me. I’m very pale and my hair is black, so imagine the horror I had to deal with. Due to this I not only started on my legs but decided that the hair on my stomach was next.

The thing is that the hair wasn’t bad at all, barely visible, but as long as I saw it it had to be removed. I removed mostly the hair below my bellybutton as a test. Soon enough the hair started coming back thicker. This wasn’t an illusion. The hair on my stomach was a light brown color, almost blonde, now it’s black and coarse. I even plucked it to compare to the hair I hadn’t shaved yet. I wanted to see if it truly was an illusion. It wasn’t. There is no way you can tell me this never happened because the hair is clearly damaged and much much coarser. So in attempts to even this out and experiment more I shaved above my belly button, but not all the way. Once my hair started to grow back there was an obvious difference once again between that hair and the one I didn’t touch. Even in the areas below my belly button that I didn’t change are very light and just fuzz. I strayed a couple of times and those hairs grew back thicker and darker.
I want to know what is the explanation behind that. There is no way it’s an illusion because people I’ve known, including doctors have mentioned there was a clear difference. I’m some kind of freak, lol.
Can anyone give me an actual answer.

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Shaving won’t have caused the change to your hairs other than making the ends blunt on the ends so that it appears they are more thick growing out. Chalk it up to change in hormones as you age. You aren’t a freak.

Tons of people have body hair that isn’t peachy fuzzy stuff and if your annoys you then look around in nail shops that offer threading. It’s a process by which thread is rolled across your skin and is basically yanked out instead of being plucked, shaved or waxed. It HURTS but won’t damage your skin like waxing can or give you bumps from nipping with tweezers. A good threader can remove the hair with the right touch to get it from the roots rather than have it break off at the surface.

Yeah yeah, I also had a family that wouldn’t let me shave or pluck my black hair from my light skin and it sucked to be teased, I feel for you.

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Hair has a root below the surface of the skin. When you shave the hair, it is like cutting grass. The root is still there and it is still growing.

You can use a depilatory cream or waxing for longer results.

But the only way to permanently remove hair is by electrolysis, which burns out the root. it is extremely painful.

I think you would do better to work with a therapist to get your body image back on track since it was thrown out of whack when you were a child, and you are now obsessing over your body hair.

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You can also do laser treatments to permanantly remove hair, But the above posters are correct, it doesn’t change the thichkness of the hair it just changes how the cut of the end of hair is. Otherwise men who shave thier heads would have nice thick heads of hair when they let it grow back in and that is definately not the case lol.

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@marinelife Even waxing doesn’t solve the problem. No lie, I’ve waxed before and had the hair come back the next day. My co worked went with me to get me waxed, because she said I was too fuzzy. I went in the next day at work she pointed out the my hair was coming back in. I know that if you wax, pluck, shave or what not during specific cycles of hair growth that the hair can return immediately after the procedure, you just have to know when that is.

@creative1 When I used to shave my arms there was no difference in the hair growth or appearance. This is just my stomach area, I haven’t really paid attention to my legs as they were always dark and coarse.

Like I said before I have plucked the hair out to compare the whole hair to others that I didn’t touch on my stomach area and it was not just the ends.

I’ve also heard that shaving can sometimes cause more than one hair to end up growing in the same follicle and it appears thicker because it’s two hairs in one area.

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My stomach area has a few thick course hairs under my belly button and when they bug me I just swipe them with the razor every shot. I don’t even think twice. If you have that big of an issue with the hair there I would suggest doing the laser its well worth the $$ for no more thinking about the hair. It is permanant

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Yeah, it’s become to the point where I don’t think twice about shaving it. I was more curious on why the difference was so obvious between hairs? I think it might have been something hormonal when I first took the razor to my stomach.

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@Ajulutsikael It’s no different than the hair on my legs or my underarms just that I allow it to get longer because it doesn’t get shaven everyday

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Cool. I’m happy with all the responses and insights.

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