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Do you buy Will Smith's Nigerian accent in the trailer for the movie Concussion?

Asked by rockfan (11975points) September 2nd, 2015

Do you think it’ll be distracting?

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No, it’s not over the top. I’d buy it.

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Do you think it is worse than Eddie Murphy’s in Coming to America?

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I think it’s plenty good enough. As long as it isn’t so bad that it’s distracting (E.G. If Nick Cage tries to be italian.. or Leonardo tries to be Australian… ) then it’s fine.

Will is lookin a lot like Denzel in this movie.. but I can’t see Denzel pulling off the accent as well.

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How many of us here do you suppose are in a position to judge a Nigerian accent? From the trailer I AM impressed with the talent lineup.

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It’s not distracting. What will be more distracting is knowing what Dr. Omalu actually looks like and then seeing Will Smith. Sort of like Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Lutrelle.

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Nevertheless it’s a tale that should be brought to the attention of a truly sheeplike populace on the “the way things work”.

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