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Did hitler admire the jehovahs winesses?

Asked by gatablanca (37points) July 21st, 2008

hitler and the jehovahs witnesses i believe have somthing sort of in common- they want a perfect world in humanity

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If they did I’d imagine it is pure coincidence, Jehovahas Witnesses is fairly new, not much older than 100 years I believe, something like that.

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kid, knock it off with the hitler questions, if you’re so into it go read “mein kampf” or something…

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Jehovah’s witnesses were murdered also, but I believe hitler admired them because his barber the one he trusted, and he knew wouldn’t kill him was a witness

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I believe, if my memory of 11th grade US history is as good as I think it is, that Hitler actually persecuted the jehovahs witnesses. They were sent to the concentration camps along with Jews, homosexuals, the handicapped, and gypsies. Hitler hated anyone that stood out, esp. Minorities. Jehovahs witnesses were a fairly new and unknown sect of Germany, so like all young religions, they dealt with a lot of persecution.

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A simple google search revealed this website:, which contains the following quotes:

“Jehovah’s Witnesses endured intense persecution under the Nazi regime.”

“In April 1933, four months after Hitler became chancellor, Jehovah’s Witnesses were banned in Bavaria and by the summer in most of Germany. Twice during 1933, police occupied the Witnesses’ offices and their printing site in Magdeburg and confiscated religious literature.”

“many Witnesses were arrested and sent to prisons and concentration camps.”

“By 1939, an estimated 6,000 Witnesses (including those from incorporated Austria and Czechoslovakia) were detained in prisons or camps.”

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