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What's the best toilet paper in the world?

Asked by sferik (6096points) July 21st, 2008

I’m going toilet paper shopping and I want the very best. Which toilet paper is the best? I’m looking for both soft and sturdy. Bonus points for environmentally friendly, but not at the expense of the tushy.

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My brand of choice is Andrex – mind you, I don’t even know if you get that over there.
As for environmentally friendly…They’re not great, but appear to be trying

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#2 for Andrex

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City plumbing or septic systerm? That makes a huge difference.

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Certainly not Scott brand. My parents buy that stuff, and it SUCKS.

I don’t want to hear any “You still live with your parents” jokes. I’m 14.

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@gailcalled city, but I’d be curious to hear your recommendations for both.

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@gailcalled: That’s a good point. I was going purely for comfort.

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Here we think about our septic system first and our bottoms second.. Primary is one-ply (much of the TP sold here says “for septic systems). I stay away from brown scratchy stuff, but other than that, I buy in bulk, probably house brand.

Having a clogged pipe is both a major nuisance and very expensive. No town sewers here anywhere.

I also have signs next to my toilets saying “only toilet paper and usual, please. No tampons, match sticks, cigarettes, secret coded messages.”

Get a roll of environmental-friendly paper from health food store, one from super market and one of the over-advertized ones, like Charmin. Use the tush touch test. (Then report back.)

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I have lived with this septic system since 1986. So I have no other opinion.

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I like Cottonelle with ripples. Its like Ruffles chips but for your bum. I think they are soft and durable. No perfumes or dyes in my TP. I also keep some of the wet wipes nearby just in case.

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@erik: I can’t believe that I just ran up two flights of stairs to check my TP brand. “Single ply, Septic safe, 1000 sheets/roll, six pack, Scott.” I have had no complaints from anyone so far..

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white cloud double rolls

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any that your fingers don’t burst through!

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Unscented biodegradable babywipes.

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I am happy to tell you all that my company has recently developed biodegradable, eco-friendly, bamboo fiber toilet paper that is not only really soft, breaks down easily, but it is derived from a renewable and sustainable resource. A scientific university study recently solved the mystery as to why the chemical compound BPA is showing up in our ground water…it is because of recycled content toilet paper! When they recycle the material that goes into make the TP, they use all kinds of paper, including glossy paper like credit card receipts (source of BPA or Bisphenol-A – a plastic!). Our bamboo bathroom tissue, the world’s first – does not necessitate recycling because of how fast bamboo grows. In addition to all that, we plant a tree for every package of 4 rolls sold, and our bathroom tissue will come in a 100% recycled cardboard box instead of plastic packaging.We also lighten it without elemental chlorine! Please contact me with any questions. Visit to see our current bamboo products and find out when our new bathroom tissue arrive – sometime this spring 2010! We also on FACEBOOK. Have a great New Year!!!

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Pixie’s toilet paper is the best. It’s a local brand here in Wales.

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100 dollar bills.

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