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Where can I buy Andrex toilet paper in San Francisco?

Asked by sferik (6096points) July 21st, 2008

Andrex appears to be the answer to the question What’s the best toilet paper in the world?. Where can I find a few rolls locally?

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It is made by Kimberly Clark. You might try contacting them to see if it’s available in the US. I also saw it for sale on line.

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In Los Angeles we have these random stores that sell nothing but British products. Anything like that up there?

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Kimberly Clark makes both Cottonelle (here in the USA) and Andrex (in United Kingdom). Cottonelle is marketed as Andrex in the UK. Their trademark labrador puppy appears on Cottonelle packaging here in USA and on Andrex packaging in UK.

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@L but andrex is obviously better than cottonelle

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