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Football Ref bites the turf- were there slurs besides alleged bad calls?

Asked by msh (4262points) September 8th, 2015 from iPhone

Friday football game on a high school field goes down. No, not the game, the referee. Two fellow high school players split the deed: one tackled the ref to the ground, the second helmet-dove him to make sure he ‘saw grass’.
Players are now off of the team and suspended out of school. Criminal charges are pending. Assult being the foremost.
Today, the Asst. Coach is out on a paid suspension for alleged instructions to the players on his team, for carrying out the jarring hits.
Players alleged that the ref had uttered slurs while determining two separate play penalties. The calls the ref officiated upon were believed to be incorrect by the players and the coaches immediately upon being penalized.
These penalties were later deemed as indeed, incorrectly called by this ref via shared media of the game.
No real word on any injuries suffered by the referee in the jarring hit.
What should happen now?
What do you think will actually happen?

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In my opinion, I think the students should be suspended and charged with assaulting a person. No matter what the ref said or did, they should not have hurt him. They had helmets and pads on. The ref was not protected. They should have waited until after the game to bring charges against the ref and let the school research the allegations. If the coach really is involved too, he needs to lose his job. Never, never coach kids to hurt others.

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Man O man what a brutal hit

Those kids won’t be playing HS football anymore and I hope they fire the coach.

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The players should be banned from High School sports and college sports. (They now qualify for the Oakland Raiders.)

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The players should receive a one year suspension from all high school sports.
The coach should be fired and fined.
What should have happened is the coach should have taken the footage of the game to the local council, and let them sort it out. That ref could have been permanently injured.
Did the coach tell them to “sweep the leg”?

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As an excuse for criminal behavior , “He uttered a slur” , works better these days than “He made a bad call”

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Unacceptable in every way. This sort of behavior over a stupid game, unreal how obsessed people are with sports to the point of this sort of behavior, especially so called ” adults.”
I agree, all parties need to face serious disciplinary action.

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What was the final outcome of this?

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So far- all that has been said: it’s all not been decided. Perhaps they’re looking for a giant rug to sweep it under? I dunno.

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