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What's more important; winning, or ethics?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (14166points) August 3rd, 2016

For those who aren’t aware, Tom Brady will finally be serving his 4 game suspension for his role in ‘deflate gate.’ His team has been cheating /caught cheating for many years now. During that time they have won 4 (uugh) Super Bowls.
The 1st year their coach and team was convicted, and subsequently punished for cheating, their coach also received the honor of Coach of the Year…..

If the NFL values morality and the fact that it’s players are role models, then WTF?

How can you be punished for cheating, AND be voted coach of the year? Tom will no doubt be inducted into the HOF. But they(NE Patriots ) have been caught red handed ,multiple times. They are, to any but Pats fans, cheaters…But they win.

Would you rather be a fan of a team that wasn’t good, but didn’t cheat? Or a fan of a team that won a lot but cheated?

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the NFL values morality and the fact that it’s players are role models

I’m not sure that’s true.

Personally, I’m more interested in doing the “right” thing than winning — but I’m not an NFL anything.

Plus, being from Boston, I’m genetically modified to like the Pats — even if I’m not much of a sports fan.

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Ethics are more important to me.

NFL football is not ethical in the least. They don’t necessarily value winning either. The only thing important to the NFL is money. Since Dallas or the NY Giants in the Super Bowl will mean more viewers and interest (and therefore money) than Cleveland, they don’t want Cleveland or Tampa Bay to win.

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They are in it for the money. Any such declarations of how they “value” ethics is nothing but marketing.

Relevant Ferengi Rules of Acquisition:
#20: “He who dives under the table today lives to profit tomorrow.”
#76: “Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the Hell out of your enemies.”
#87: “Learn the customer’s weaknesses, so that you can better take advantage of him.”
#181: “Not even dishonesty can tarnish the shine of profit.”
#261: “A wealthy man can afford everything except a conscience.”
#266: “When in doubt, lie.”

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Ethics. Just winning is for animals.

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But call me when it involves a real sport where the participants don’t stop during the contest and rest.

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Bit more concerned about all the spousal abuse and the NFL giving minor punishments or entirely not giving a shit.

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Don’t be naive. Which pays better, winning or ethical behavior? It’s irrelevant what you or I like. Ask the Russian Olympic team, Lance Armstrong, the entire MLB roster of power hitters in the first decade of the 2000s. You get away with what you can. One day soon someone’s going to slap a microphone in front of Trump and ask him a similar question. His head is so big and apparently bullet proof that he’ll probably tell the truth and surge ahead in the polls.

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Ethics. I still believe that winning by cheating is never a real win. Plus how do you have bragging rights about backing the best team if they are cheaters? I’m not a big sports person, but I prefer the team that actually earned a win.
Like Trumps Purple heart. It mean absolutely nothing.
As for how to handle it. If I was the NFL, I would make all players give back their rings and take back any honors bestowed upon players who were complicit.

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Ethics, especially if you’re trying to win to gain respect.

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Winning is more important by a YOOGE margin! ;-D

Ethics is fa LOOZAS! ;-P

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Oh the similarities I can make with Clinton and Sanders.

Ethics are more important to me.

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Ethics is more important.

The NFL, and most other professional sports franchises (is that the correct word?) are not in it for the ethics, or for the love of the game, they’re in it for the money.

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Ethics. Any kid who loved the Disney movie ‘Cars’ can tell you that. Don’t relate ethics to modern day Sports Incorporated. Sports has been handed over to Corporate greed and there is NOTHING ethical there.

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@jonsblond I agree with you completely on Bernie/Clinton, and the outcome there validates my answer above rather nicely.

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The very ethics of big league sports is to win. The ethics of Larry Lunchmeat doesn’t apply. Being a role model and all that poppycock is just a PR sham. If it wasn’t perceived to be profitable as far as endorsements, etc. it would be in the top 20 instead of the top five.

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