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Why is there a screen cap feature on the iPhone?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) July 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I just discovered it, I’m guessing it was part of the 2.0 update but what is it for?

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to…capture…a screen…

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to elaborate on what iwa was trying to say, you can use it the same way you use screen capture on the computer. If you had a question about your iPhone but really needed the other person to be able to SEE what was going on (and they weren’t right next to you of course), then you can send them a screenshot so they can figure out what the problem is or at least better understand the problem.

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It can be really usefull too. Say you used google maps, but are going into an area without edge/3g. You screen captur all of the steps before you leave so you can easily access them! Even better for an iPod touch, because you’ll be without wifi.

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Wow thanks pnl & eambos, I only did it by accident on the home screen but I didn’t think about trying it while doing something else….

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Also great for website or application developers, to take a screenshot of their stuff working on the iPhone. Especially website developers, who would otherwise need to install the software development kit to take a screenshot, which can be a pain in the ass.

If anyone is reading this and wondering how you take a screenshot, hold the home button down, and then immediately press the sleep/wake button on the top. The screen will flash, and the image will be saved to your camera reel in Photos.

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what! It didn’t work on mine! I got the update and everything…

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it’s aused to put screenshots in application descriptions in the app store.

Try pressing both home and sleep buttons at the same time.

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You can do it in reverse order too. Hold sleep and press home will yeild the same result.

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It’s good for tricking your friends into thinking their iPhone is broken for a few seconds, since a screen shot of their home page will show all their apps, but obviously none of them will respond or open. Bonus points for screen shotting the extra pages too, so when they flick to another page, it still looks correct.

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Oh, remember to let go of the buttons immediately after holding them down. Hold them for too long, and you will restart the phone.

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Thank you guys so much. I didn’t know I had that!

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I was holding the buttons too long! Thanks for the hint and help guys!!! Very cool!!!

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