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How do I change my oil on my honda accord?

Asked by sanj (1points) July 21st, 2008

I have a 1995 honda accord and want to change my oil myself.

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That’s rather an involved question for this venue – you should purchase a service manual or some other text that will walk you through the instructions.


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Get a plastic tub to put under the car, look for the bolt on the oil pan under the motor (should have some mark), and unscrew it and wait for the oil to stop coming out, put the bolt back on, and fill it up with oil.

easier said than done, just be glad you don’t have a diesel!

dunno about that mark though, my dad always unbolted it, I had to unbolt a diesel tractor oil spill but .. that’s a tad different from a car.

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Locate your 710 cap, and there will be directions there.

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Find your nearest Valvoline.

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