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Do foreign dignitaries get special treatment from customs?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) September 23rd, 2015

What would have happened if the pope had a hit of pot hidden In his frock? Do foreign leaders get diplomatic immunity? How far can a leader take a diplomatic immunity?

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It’s funny you asked this because earlier today I was trying to picture the Pope going through customs and pulling out his passport. “Are you carrying any fruits or vegetables?”

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I think they are covered under diplomatic immunity, in which case the Pope or members of his security team could come through sporting automatic weapons, Dressed like Darth Vader and hiding light sabres in their utility belts. Of course, the Secret Service is also there to try and put them down should they try to go bananas in the terminal.

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The Pope aside, I have witnessed the incredible powers that some are afforded in order to avoid the rigors of customs. Not just dignitaries, but also the wealthy, the famous, and (surprise!) politicians. Meanwhile some poor schmucks are hiding pine cones and salamis in our sox. Uh, Not ME, per say…

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@msh Is that a salami in your sock or are you glad to see me?

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Snort! :D

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I like you @msh I’m gonna follow you.

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Hey! Thank you!
Back-atcha….As long as I am not held responsible for all of my actions…

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I remember being in Italy on business with a couple of people from my office. We needed to change seat assignment, while my ticket new then came up “VIP” and both of my associates did not. Went through customs with out stopping ( not my associates ) Suddenly I got priority seating and the airline attendants made sure I was happy in my seat once on the plane. My father had been a major representative for a supplier for the airline.

We both had the same first name.

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The Pope wouldn’t have to hide his pot, nor the Cuban cigars Fidel gave him, nor the coca leaves from Argentina. He has diplomatic immunity. He can’t even be arrested if he drives his Popemobile over Ted Cruz.

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Of course they do. And our diplomats expect and usually receive the same. Just juggle the phrase ” diplomatic immunity” to get a glimpse of the picture.

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