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Do I use a letter punch or a engraver pen?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) September 24th, 2015

My one year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up and I wanted to get him something. I was browsing around and saw these cute personalized penny keychain and I thought it was thoughtful.
So now I want to make my own for my boyfriend.
These are the keychain that I saw:

Instead of the US penny I wanted to use a Chinese Yuan penny, because that is where everything started(in China).

So my question is, how did they personalized these pennies?
Now how do I go about this and personalize my own penny? Do I use a letter punch or should I buy an engraver pen and engrave the letterings and heart symbol?

I would love to hear your advice/experience on this!
Thanks before hand!

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Those are stamped, using steel letter stamps like these, then the impressions are filled in with stamp enamel

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@thorninmud Thank you for your answer!

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xTheDreamer- What a sweet gift- great idea! Congrats 1st year! :)

thorninmud- I had no idea how these items were done. Great info! Makes ME want to try it! Thanks!

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@xTheDreamer: You can buy a metal punch on Amazon to make the hole. I bought one for less than 10 dollars. It’s similar to a hole punch but with a sharper tip.

I had the idea last year to get pennies that are pressed in a penny press (souvenirs from Disney World) and make them into jewelry. I also bought letter punches like @thorninmud linked. There are all kinds of different fonts. You can also buy something that is in a slight bowl shape (not sure what it’s called) and press metal into it so the metal is concave or
convex. You’ll also need a jeweler’s hammer.

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