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Which of the two options do you believe put the usage of the truck at a disadvantage, lifting or lowering it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26840points) September 24th, 2015

People lift or lower their trucks for different reasons, but which causes the utility of the truck to suffer more, adding a really high lift kit, or lowering it? Lowering it makes the bed lower also, but unless you stiffen up the shocks greatly you may not have the ability to carry very much and certainly off road is a no go. If you lift the truck with a high lift kit and big tires, the bed could be as high as 18–25in, it will mean you can carry a lot and not bottom out, but getting heavy stuff like sod, refrigerators, sacks of concrete, lumber, etc. would be a bear to load and unload, not to mention getting in and out of the vehicle. Overall, of the two options which do you feel would hinder the usage of the truck more if used in a general way?

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Over all usage I would have to say lowering it,lowering it is more for handling and street rod.
While raising it,while does make it a pain to load and unload,does make it clear the ground better for off roading,and does not reduce any pay load problems.

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^ I guess if one lowered their truck, towing the jet skis might be off the table.

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