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It's your favorite song- do you listen to your copy once or twice or do you play it over and over and over......?

Asked by msh (4267points) September 25th, 2015 from iPhone

I love music – don’t you? Sometimes a really excellent song comes out. It is Insty-Love! You try to catch all the words. It comes on and wherever you are- driving the car, in the shower, waiting for an appointment, if it gets played, you can’t help but to sing, or hum, or bob your head along with it. You finally get a copy!
Do you listen to it once or twice and then include it in a playlist, or do you play it over and over and over again? Which?
In a movie, one character said that he ‘hated people who played one song over and over again!’ No particular reason- he just hated them!
Is there a difference between listening repetitively to a song you really like-or- are you more-likely to only repeat a song that you associate with a certain time, or person, or memory so that you play it over and over again?

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I repeat the song, as long as it’s good. Usually I listen to it repeatedly for some time, and then when it loses the “hot” a little, I put it in the playlist. It will still be remember as a good song, because it still has a chance to be played again. Sometimes I listen to songs at particular time too. The songs associate with the environment, my mood, or I just feel like listening them.

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If I play it over and over, I appreciate it less. I tend to not play it over and over. Maybe twice, tops.

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Over and over at first. I use youtuberepeat to loop it, learn the words, then add it to a playlist for later on.

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There are songs I can listen to every day, even thirty, forty, fifty years after they hit the charts. New songs I like I will listen to a couple times a day for a while.

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If it’s a really good song, I tend to listen to the rest of the album the song appears on. If the album is also good, I’ll listen to the entire record as often as twice a day. This could go on for a couple weeks… At this point I be able to determine the albums longevity for me. This allows me to decide if I buy it on vinyl or just move on to something else.

If the album isn’t that great, I’ll only listen to the song a couple times, then I’ll either write it off completely or put it in a playlist of a similar genre for future listening.

Currently on week 2 of the new Jamie XX album and just bought it on vinyl. This song in particular has me hooked

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Silence04~ went to listen/watch mv- wow. Excellent song, and really well done video. It was mesmerizing. Thank you. Add to favs. I see why you picked it. Excellent taste. It would be a definite play over.

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Often really catchy songs I hear will just rattle around in my brain all afternoon and I don’t have to play it again. It would just drive the earworm in deeper. My son played Thrift Store one time and I was humming it for days. Now It goes through my head every time I go past the Goodwill store.

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:D True, true.
Been there, done that!
... Been to Goodwill also!

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