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If Trump becomes U.S. Commander in Chief, will military helmets be replaced by berets?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) September 27th, 2015

Given the new commander in chief, wouldn’t a new streamlined, lower profile, designer headgear be in line?

Of course, Trump would put his personal crew on the style of the prototype. Military to conform of the substance.

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If Trump makes it to the White House, uniforms will be the least of the problems confronting the military.

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Berets have been de riguer for many US Army units since the Sixties.

But Trump is such a pig he will require women to pass a swimsuit contest to enlist.

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No, they’d obviously wear Trump Toupees.

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TTT, @dxs.

Teflon Trump Toupees

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Combat would be an ideal place for a protective hard hat, not some scalp decoration.

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Gold ones. Or at least gold colored ones

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Actually, I was thinking if we just required the military personnel to use the same hair spray he uses, we could do away with any kind of head gear. Pretty sure it will deflect shrapnel and bullets.

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Does he actually use hairspray? I’m under the distinct impression that he doesn’t. His hair looks OK indoors but once outdoors, all bets are off.

I’ve seen so many pics of him with his hair disarranged in so many different ways from (apparently) the slightest breeze. I’m sure enough hairspray would cure that but if he wears any at all, it sure isn’t much. (I’ll bet its less than Chris Christie :)

Maybe that’s why he wears that red trucker’s cap all the time now :)

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No hairspray, @Buttonstc?
Surely you jest.
There’s at least an inch of headroom between cap and hair in that type of cap, yet Trump’s hair is against his skull.

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No one’s asked if Trump dyes his hair? Does the carpet match the drapes?

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I’m talking about his hair BEFORE the cap. There are tons of pics with his hair flying all over the place.

The pic in the link you posted shows him with hair plastered down from sweating too much.

Whenever I wear a hat like that I end up with a severe case of “hat hair”. It doesn’t matter how much room there is if it’s like a sauna in there. Your hair ends up plastered down and flattened.

If perchance he’s using hair spray it’s only quite recently (if at all). In that pic it could possibly be hairspray but far more likely just slicked down from being hot and wet. That’s why he’s taking it off and wiping his hand over it. His head needs some breathing room :)

BTW: if you want some examples of what I’m referring to just do a Google Image search for “Donald Trump Hair Windy Day”.

If he were using hairspray, you wouldn’t see all those individual fine hairs blowing all around. That’s not how hair spray behaves.

Check it out for yourself. You’ll see what I mean.

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@Buttonstc Do you really wear a boxy hat like that? Fine if you do, but I wear low crown ball caps and my 1½ – 2” hair is still standing straight up after a day in the heat.

My link looks to me like he has long hair that the cap has pulled back.

I’ve seen the “Trump Hair in the Air” photos and I’m not convinced that 24”+ hair is necessary for a Fonz.

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It doesn’t matter what type of hat I wear or how low or high. I heat up easily and sweat A LOT; so I always end up with damp flat “hat hair.”

Whether Trump needs hair that long or high is a separate issue from hair spray but I agree with you on that score.

He once said that he wears it like that because people remember him, whether negative or positive doesn’t matter as much as being memorable :)

He does know how to make the most out of publicity, that’s for sure :)

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Everybody got your gold berets ready?

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Nope, if Trump becomes President, the military will be wearing white robes and pointy hooded hats.

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We still have a 2 party system, @rojo.

And Bloomberg.

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@ibstubro respectfully, we have a party with two factions.

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So, @rojo, you think Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are factions of the same party?

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Ted and Bernie are member of the parties in name only. Neither one represents the establishment party line.

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