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Should I capitalize "the great depression"?

Asked by rosedog (225points) July 17th, 2007

For example, wages were rigid during the great depression. Or, wages were rigid during The Great Depression.

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Thanks for the responses, but can anyone give me a definitive answer? My sense is that it should be capitalized as well, but I'm not sure if the responses are definitive or just gut feelings. Thanks.

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Eras are capitalized, but not "the" which defines them singularly.

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Everywhere I've seen it, it's been capitalized. For example, this website:

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So the answer would be "the Great Depression".

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it is The Great Depression

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I am surprised at the wrong answers, flutherites.

…the Great Depression

The only time “the” should be capitalized is if the phrase is at the beginning of the sentence.

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