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If Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts, do they share the money with the mother?

Asked by josie (30926points) September 30th, 2015

I figure if a woman wants to get an abortion it is none of my business.

And if they are poor, I would just as soon they go to Planned Parenthood. At least it’s probably clean. So much for that.

But if they are poor they clearly could use some money.

If Planned Parenthood sells baby parts to science, do they share the income with the mother?

If not, why not?

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Two questions in a row making such vapid accusations. Some might think you were baiting, or at least chumming the waters

They don’t make money. If it costs $34.00 to get, prep and deliver the fetal tissue, that is what they charge the scientific organizations that want the material; if it costs $134.00 then that is the charge so there is no income or rather since the money brought in equals the money expended, no profit. saw you make this distinction in earlier question

I suppose they could give the woman $50.00 and include that charge as part of the cost passed on the the purchasing organization and still have a net zero sum but I don’t even want to think about the howls of righteous indignation that we would hear from the minority already opposed to abortion regardless of whether or not this could be considered a simple free market transaction that they are also always going on about.

Do you think that offering money to the patient might even encourage people to forgo birth control with the idea of getting pregnant so they could have an abortion if it paid out cash? (I say people because I could see women being forced to become pregnant and then abort by their husband/boyfriend/S.O. just to make a few bucks). How many times a year could a woman do this? Same reason that you can donate kidneys, etc. but not charge for them. There are people out there in dire straights who are desperate enough to sell parts of themselves in order to survive.

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