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Why do some music groups last for decades and others never get past the first hit?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) July 22nd, 2008

hmmm, milli vanilli comes to mind and oh, vanilla ice, tone loc. hey, who was the rapper who wore baggy pants who nobody could touch? why is it some artists like the rolling stones have staying power? what is the secret?

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• Something unique
• Honesty
• Talent
• Luck

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Some groups or artists’ material transcends the performers talents resulting in them becoming one-hit wonders. Here is one of the classic examples. Incense & Peppermints by the eminently forgettable Strawberry Alarm Clock. (Sorry, the song starts at the 1:15 mark.)

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it may be the result of evolution in an artists music. Like Darwin said, one needs adapt to its environment in order to survive and prosper. Those select few that can reconize what it takes to sell hit records, will ultimatley last the longest. Those who have a variety of music like aerosmith and the rolling stones still have a distinguished style that their fans can relate to. In order to avoid being a one-hit wonder, ones music needs some meaning to their songs. Sure a catchy hook like soulja boy can get you instant fame but you need to follow up with a more meaningful songs than batman and spiderman.

Somethings you just need to stick with what you got because your style may just have that special something that your fans can relate to. Darwin also said that the strongest will survive because that pocess a distinct trait which will aid them in their survival. Artist like Elton john and micheal Jackson may branch out into different genres but they voice and characteristic style will forever be reconized by their fans.

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Talent & Luck, o.k. just plain luck :)
And the one that nobody could touch was MC Hammer

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Practice, Talent & Luck… gets you discovered.

Talent, Hard Work & Luck…. keeps you there for a second and maybe third album.

To make the 10 year mark?
Great Support Team along with Pure Talent!

• Michael Jackson
• Elton John
• Billy Joel
• Madonna

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because some groups are good

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Back in the infancy of MTV in a era far far away and long long ago, there were two female artists that rivaled for the public attention. One was a red haired very talented punk-ed out “Girl (who) Just want(ed) to Have Fun,” and another was a quite slutty girl who wanted to feel “Like a Virgin”
The Girl Who Wanted to have fun was really very talented, a gifted writer and a wonderful singer. The problem is, she really wanted to just have fun.
The Girl who wanted to be a slut and a Virgin just like the very first time wanted it really really bad. She walked and talked and dreamt her work. She managed her business well and not only did she rise to near the fame of the virgin, the masses called her Madonna.
The answer to your question is hard hard work and smart smart work.

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