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Do you consider che guevara good or evil?

Asked by gatablanca (37points) July 22nd, 2008

communist rebel che guevara – is sometimes considered good and sometimes considered was evil for latin america

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Both. He was a man.

Even Gandhi had his bad times.

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I think Che is revered as a symbol of revolution. Unfortunately, the reality is that he is one of those people who used people’s desire for change.

He promoted violence, and he was a violent sociopath.

He really didn’t care so much about people’s freedom and opportunity, as much as he opportunistically used those desires in the people to foment chaos and violence.

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I think the good/evil dichotomy, used as an either/or choice of categories to put a person or idea in, is mostly useless. Literally, I don’t think the approach has much use. I’d second mirza on the referal to the previous thread on the subject.

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he was a little tatarata

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A girl I knew at the time told me he was better looking than Fidel. I asked, what else? That’s about it.

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