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Are there any skills in the world that you wish you had?

Asked by stevenb (3831points) July 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

Paint like VanGogh, sing like Mariah, play guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn, predict like Nostradamus, write like Shakespeare, build like Norm Abram, be as smart as Bill Gates, etc. What do you wish you could do? Why do you want to?

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I want to be able to dance salsa because I think it’s sexy : )
I would also like to be able to sing like Joni Mitchell or Bonnie Raitt

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Oh my gosh, what a great question! I have ALWAYS wished I had a better memory! I mean like a super-power memory—I wish I could choose to remember everything I’ve ever learned. On the other hand, I wish I could choose to forget some things. Like this

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I wish I could sing, I wish I could act, I wish I could be artistic in some form, and I wish I could stop eating :)

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You may be interested in the answers from this nearly identical thread from a week ago.

I wish I could understand any language someone was speaking.

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I wish that I had more willpower. I’m too much of a pushover; and though I’ve gotten better about it, I still need to learn to be able to speak up and say “no” when I really want to.

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Last time I said surfing.
This time I say play the piano. I took lessons for many years, but that was ages ago, and its all left me. Ohh, if only I could go back.

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You all have great ones. I would take any of the above. Sometimes I catch foreign speech and almost think I can understand it. That would be wonderful.

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I wish I was better at math. I want like nerdy math powers. Spelling also. Sometimes I forget the easiest words!(paper) I would love to be a pro ballroom dancer, so much fun!

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I wish I could draw or paint still life pictures so they actually look like something. And yea, I’ll second the ballroom dancing idea – would love to be proficient in a few of those.

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Oh, where do I begin?
Playing a musical instrument, singing, working with my hands and writing truly well, for starters.

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I like the way I am and hope others don’t mind. I am me because that’s who I am.
I am my own person.

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I’d like Jonathon Ives’ eye for design.

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I would like a childs ability to forgive anything and love everything.

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I would like to be able to do parkour like David Belle. Also to speak persuasively and effectively, with ease.

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I like how a child can tell you you have bad breath and not have it affect them personally.

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Speak more languages. And know how to build a house.

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I wish I could master shaping a baguette. (Long skinny French bread.) I’m in pastry chef school and can do all kinds of things, but that darn baguette shaping just frustrates the snot out of me!

Also, I’d like to: sing better, play the piano, re-learn the French, Spanish & German that I knew and improve upon it and I’d really like to learn how to sew.

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i wish i could play piano

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I wish I could play guitar. I’m on my way now though. Just got a telecaster for my birthday and I’m working on it.

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i wish i were extremely athletic, like a gymnast or figure skater.

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i wish that I could act completely sober when I’m drunk as fuck.

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i wish i had the skills to do almost anything to a truck. so i would never have to pay the outragous labor rates at mechanics

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@towens0808, the good thing is that you can learn that skill rather easily. Good luck if you try.

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I just wish i had a skill, because i honestly dont think i do. Im not good at anything! My friends say that ill find it someday but i really dont think i will. If i had to pick one i think it would have to be singing.

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selling. I’m so hopeless at it, I couldn’t even sell fresh cold water in the Sahara to someone dying of thirst. I know people that have the ability to sell fridges in the North Pole.

People assume that just because I am generally social and friendly, I could do such jobs (like selling advertisments for a radio station I used to work for). And they’d often push me to go get sponsors and stuff. I have made a total of about $1 as a door-to-door salesman when I was a student, and that was from a woman who didn’t want to buy anything and just gave me the money to bugger off.

I’m pretty good at most other things (above average anyway), so that’s ok. I can sing, cook, drive, learn new languages easily, do simple maths fast, find my way in a new city, even draw fairly well. It’s just that I’m hopeless at selling.

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i wish i had the ability to keep a different rhythm with each of my four limbs while singing.

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Ninja skills, nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills. Girls only want to date guys with skills. I flippin love Napolean.

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I wish I were good at financing, god knows I suck. I wish I could understand math in the least bit, and science. I wish I had the skill of being fearless too. That’d be nice.

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I wish I could sing so badly!!!!

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I wish I could cure sick people. My neighbor has Parkinson’s and is bed ridden. I sometimes help his wife take care of him. I just wish I could make him better.

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That’s very cool, mamabeverley.

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@stevenb Thank you. Most of us take for granted that we are somewhat healthy. Aside from everday aches and pains, I am very lucky. When you deal with seriously ill people it changes your outlook on every day things. When you see people that can’t even feed themselves, you realise how good you have it and you quit bitching about the “small stuff”.

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@mama, I agree completely.

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i wish i knew how to upholster furniture. then i could take any piece of crap couch, chair, ottoman, whatever, and strip the fabric off it, rebuild it and cover it in any style and any fabric i want, and have some incredible stuff for only the cost of the fabric.

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Yes I would like to be able to poop money.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I wish I had the salemanship of Zig Ziglar the greatest salesman America ever produced he could sell ice cubes to Eskimo, sand to Arabs, the most expensive rope to a condemned man on the way to the gallows because he would make the dead man walking believe he would hang in style. He could even sell patried to a diabetic and convince them it was the Sugar Reversal Diet, I could sell anything and everything and make a boat load of money.

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