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Isn't everybody in Ben's Fluther?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) July 22nd, 2008

I mean, it’s good business, right?

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No, I am not in Ben’s Fluther. Thanks for rubbing it in. Jerk.

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i hope everyone knows i am just kidding

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Haha, no I’m not in his Fluther either…
But then again, I just joined today.

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Nor I.

@uberbatman. Are too.

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“Not I,” said the cat.

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Hey wait, neither am I!

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@marina i meant no everyone isnt, not no im not.

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I just added everyone who answered! How exciting!

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Excellent…My plan has come to fruition.

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i don’t think I am :’(

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careful… we wouldn’t want ben to become tom of myspace fame.

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Dont feel bad- I am not in anyones fluther.

But the idea totally rocks! Now I can follow my fav fluthers!

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This is a blast! Try to add yourself to your Fluther!
This is why I love Fluther- brilliant!

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Yup – noticed that a while back…..still haven’t figured out if that definition applies to me, or if I’m just one of those people that sees a button, therefore must press it! (perhaps both)

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@wildflower- yeah- I suffer from button syndrome too. Also have to touch wet paint.

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I have since they started My Fluther. now most people are in Ben’s fluther

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you are right swimmindude. now i feel like a case of charity work. tsk tsk timothy. you have started a vicious circle!

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I wonder how long before folks will be debating adding to your Fluther in the same way as how to dish out ‘lurve’....

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This new feature makes me feel like a loser.

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One nice aspect of being in other people’s Fluthers is a numerical approximation of charisma. Ostensibly, most people will not add somebody to their Fluther unless they find them interesting, or valuable, or friendly in some way. One could assume that a person with high lurve but in a low number of Fluthers crafts different kinds of answers (and thus has a different impact on the Fluther community- err collective) than a person with high lurve and in many Fluthers.

Also the ease with which someone can be added to or subtracted from a Fluther implies that the rankings have room to be dynamic and reflect present-day attitudes, rather than holdovers from a long time ago.

I suppose this is a bit like Google Page Ranks. There may be thousands of hits out there, but most people prefer the sites that are linked to by a lot of other pages. Except now it’s the people we can rate.

Thanks Ben and Andrew.

Will there ever be an online database of lurve and fluthers rankings for all to see? Time will tell.

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I think this new feature is fun and a cute way of showing people you’re interested in what they have to say, but there is the downside of potential friction if people feel excluded.

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@bluemukaki your not a loser! I LURVE YOUS!!! ^_^

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Good one PnL haha sorry for the add ons to the words just playing around.

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@uberbatman: Aw, shucks!

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It’s the one big dream in my life that’s unfulfilled. Why don’t you like me Ben? Would you add me if I told you that I liked you more than Andrew?
Smarter, as well, since you live in SF and he’s in LA.

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