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Can images of ghosts be captured on digital cameras?

Asked by rojo (24176points) October 20th, 2015

As asked, making an assumption that ghosts exist.

Does the method used by a digital camera differ from that of a film camera?

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Yes. Any halloween costume can be captured using digital cameras.

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If a digital camera can be hooked up to the brain so that it can photograph images to occur there then the answer to your question is yes.

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They can on Shutter Island hahahahahaha…yeah, i’ll get my coat.

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If you can see ‘em and the light is right, yes.

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I always wondered about that. How come so many times it seems that ghosts are busted through sight or sound on recording devices, but not when you’re right fuckin there?

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Here’s what I’ve seen-
My friend and his son went to The Waverly Sanitorium in Kentucky. Very sad things happened there. People’s essences are still there. The will to heal is strong. Strong enough to continue on, after all else is gone…
My friend took a digital camera. His son took his cell phone for any pictures he wanted.
The walks and visits are mostly at dusk/evening.
My friend took still shots of the rooms, where they were, etc.
When he and his son checked their pictures, they really couldn’t see anything spectacular. My friend kept taking pictures. His son stopped, and erased his- he didn’t think he had gotten anything.
They had a good time. Drove home, etc.
His wife wanted to see what the place looked like. It’s got 4 floors. Its a nice building- ok, it once was a nice place. Kinda had a rough go of things through the years from the peak of the tuberculosis epidemic in the 1930–40’s and on until it closed.
My friend downloaded those still shots and brought up the pictures. He almost fell over-
There were people’s essences all over. Near the visitors, in windows, down hallways. None of them showed up on the pix review on the camera- only on the computer resolution.
He had his son lean against a wall by a doorway.
The pix on the computer showed what looked to me like a man- middle aged, hospital garb- fuzzy-misty. He was leaning in around the doorframe towards the boy, looking to be saying something to his son. It’s sooo weird to see. No one knew what was going on the whole time there.
When they looked at the pictures from different sections, it was different types of beings. The fourth floor was the children’s ward. When you look at the pix- a little girl’s outline misty with some detail, was down the hall watching them.
Different ghost shows and haunted documentaries, books, etc. all mention this sight. For example, on that 4th floor, children’s toys left in one area are moved when one goes to check back. They’ve been played with.
I really would loved to have seen the cell phone’s pix- if it captured anything- but they were all erased.
Good luck. Have fun. Show respect. Be polite. It works.

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rojo? Why were you asking about taking these types/subject matter of photos?

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