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How do you know if your contacts are expired?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) July 22nd, 2008

I wear 30-day disposable contacts—I can’t remember when I put these in, what are the “symptoms” of expired contacts?

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for me, my eyes feel dry, and my contacts start to feel uncomfortable, and hard to put in, but that doesn’t usually happen until a week or two after the packaging claims they’ve expired. don’t tell anyone but i usually wear my 2 week contacts for 3 or 4 weeks if they dont give me any problems.

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If you cross your eyes when they’re in you can read the expiration date

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Lachica said it all… My eyes start feeling dry, and I just can’t stand to wear them for more then an hour. Sometimes I wear mine till the last minute! (when I take them off and they rip in half very easily!)

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If you get an eye infection so bad you go blind then you probably left them in too long.

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red eyes.
that’s what does it for me.
if you clean them again and again with solution and they don’t cease bothering you…it’s time to whip out a new pack!

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they feel like crap

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dry, sticky, crappy, red. Or was that said already?

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Happiness is a fresh pair of contacts!

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If you look on the box they came in, there is an expiration date, but if you’ve just been wearing a single pair too long, they will feel dry and itchy, become cloudy to the point that you can’t quite see, feel like they are detaching from your eye, fold, shift, etc. And like someone said before, clean them with solution (not water) and see if that helps. If you’re in doubt, grab a new pair.

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You can’t really tell. However, don’t take risks and open a new pack of contacts. It might save you from an infection!

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You should be seen every year for a new contact lens prescription. Its very important to always change them your Eye Dr. Should tell you when to change them and how long to wear and sleep in them.

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Theres so many eye infections you can get from wearing your contacts for to long. Theres things called blepharitis which can cause inflammation to the eyes

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