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Do you like or dislike more people on Fluther?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) July 22nd, 2008

No name calling please.

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In the words of Borat: “I like!”

I particularly like all the people in my fluther.

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Out of about 10,000 I only dislike two. So I would say that I lean heavily towards “like”.

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I’m new here, but at this point I think I can say that Yahoo Answers is obsolete.

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LIKES. There are very few people i dislike, and i only dislike them because they try to push their views in EVERY SINGLE THREAD onto people.

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Like; i may have a bad arguement with someone, but i mean i don’t ‘hate’ that person or anything.

there is one person, but that was only twice (on the same day), and i think that person was just having a crappy day.

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There are very few people I dislike on Fluther, and like uber said, it’s usually just the people who seem to be pushing for something. Oh, and spammers. Did anyone see the tag-team the other day? Hil-arious.

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I don’t think johnpowell likes me. :(

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I generally like most people. The only people I dislike are apple fanboys (not apple users, but the brainwashed idiots), elitists and three other people. Also lately I have been starting to develop a dislike for some good users who seem to spend way too much time on fluther which implies to me that they are not living properly

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< < so curious as to “three other people”

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i think if i mentioned the three other people then the mods would remove it.
@richard: can i post the names ?

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I like most everybody; the others I just mess with for cheap kicks.

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I don’t dislike anyone but the spammers. Disliking someone on the net that I truely don’t know… Is a bit lame to me. There’s a few people in “real life” I dislike.. I don’t need the stress on here.

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@mirza: Provided I’m not one of them?

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3 observing members are all awaiting Mirza’s answer…

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I like most, and tend to grow to like even more. There are a few exceptions, always.

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I don’t know anyone here well enough to say I dislike him/her; however, there are some I’d really never want to hang out with.
I like everyone, unless, of course, he/she doesn’t like me.

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This is way too scarey. I’m leaving this thread for sure.

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I like most of the people most of the time and dislike some people some of the time… on the whole, I lurve y’all!

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This question specifically said not to name names. I think that’s a good policy to keep things civil.

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@sferik: Yes, I was joking. Don’t actually name names. We’ll just end up having to implement negative lurve (which we all know is positive hayte, and nobody needs that).

As an aside, congrats on the Fluther Podcast #3. It was crackerjack. :D

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There are a few people that I like very much and think of as friends. There is the great mass of the collective that I like very much. And like anyplace, online or virtual, there are a few people I could do without.

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It’s a little schizophrenic, but I try to limit my like or dislike within any particular thread. I might argue vehemently with a person one place, and then staunchly support him/her in another.

A Fluther Question is too narrow a place to define people in… even simply whether you dis/like them.

Of course, over time, if someone doesn’t ever seem redeem themselves in your eyes, well… do what you gotta do.

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mostly like. I bet we all have ONE certain one we hate…

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i have a bad memory. i might argue with someone on a thread, but agree with them on 10 others. there are two main reasons for this: i rarely remember the usernames of the people i argue with, and having different opinions/backgrounds is what makes fluthering fun. So to answer the question, I like 99% of people on fluther.

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I can’t think of any that I dislike, but there were a couple who annoyed me. Fortunatley they are no longer here.

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