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Another great one dies - Maureen O'hara at age 95. Join me in wishing her a fond farewell.

Asked by elbanditoroso (28840points) October 24th, 2015

One of the greats.


I can’t think of how many of her movies I have seen and admired.

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I just watched the spanking scene in McClintock where John Wayne paddles her but food. haha
RIP Maureen, we should all be so lucky to go in our sleep at age 95.

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She had a good run. We can all hope to live as long and as well. She was terrific with Wayne, and in many roles without him. A real star.

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That is the best tribute I can find, works for me.

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Farewell lovely lady. When Irish eyes are smiling…..

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I thought to ask it when I heard of her passing, but you did a great job, @elbanditoroso.

95 years is a hell of a run!

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Just saw her yesterday as Esmeralda in Hunchback of Notre Dame; she had a luminescent beauty that came through beyond the soft focus filter.

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She was one of a kind, a gorgeous redhead and lovely actor. She passed away in peace, now may she rest in same.

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