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Is fluther going to update it's iPhone app?

Asked by tinyfaery (42590points) July 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I think it needs a new look to better incorporate the new features. What do you think?

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The iPhone website? I agree. We need some ‘Your Fluther’ coverage.

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1 word + another word:


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those are actually 2 words crunchaweezy!

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And two worthless words at that. I’m still confused why people think that having a Fluther app written in Objective C would add anything a web-based app couldn’t do. Yeah, spend 3 months learning a new language/framework to do the same fucking thing. Why not just clean up the mobile site. Really, what would be gained? It is a webpage. Why not use it in a browser?

edit :: and it would use Webkit to render the page so it wouldn’t be faster.

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Wow. Sorry.

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The only difference is not having to stretch and center the screen in order to be able to see small/large print.

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@tinyfaery: All the text is readable if you’re on the iPhone version of the website? In fact, because it perfectly matches the width, you cannot zoom the screen.

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That’s was I was talking about. Maybe I used the word app (ok, not a word) incorrectly. I just meant the iphone view of the site. What’s the proper term for that?

So my question is, will fluther update their special iphone version of the site?

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I’m sorry if that sounded aggressive tinyfaery. You are looking for the term “Web App”, it is like a webpage but with a different CSS file for the iPhone. A real app like you find in the app store is totally different. Everything is different with apps in the store. Web apps are easy, app store ones are hard.

Sorry about being a dick.

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But what about my question? Update?

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I would have to disagree with you on that John.

First of all, it’s not hard since there are people that know how to do it, which will be the best way to get a native app for the iPhone.

It’s the same reason I’d want to use the MySpace app over the webpage in Safari.

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The difference is that Fluther isn’t bloated and covered in stupid flash advertisements so MobileSafari can handle even the classic site without many issues. Why build a Native App, just cut out the middle-man and make a site in Safari, you’re accessing the web on your iPhone anyway, why bother with all that native crap? Not to mention developing an App that was finished today wouldn’t be in the App Store for about 2 weeks anyway, next time they want to make a minor change to the Mobile Version of fluther, why should we have to wait for Apple to approve those changes?

If Fluther makes a native iPhone site, then I demand a native Mac OS X version of the site too. If you think that sounds stupid then you now understand why it is stupid to build one for the iPhone.

@Tinyfaery: I’d like to see the mobile site incorporate some of the more recently added features, hopefully they’ll do a major update soon! Also sometimes I find that the text-box for answering a question is too close to the edges of the Browser window, and I can’t use the magnifying tool to edit text close to the edges of the screen, I hope they fix that too.

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@crunchaweezy: I have to apologise, but I absolutely hate it when people dismiss something as “easy” when you’re looking at something as big as Fluther. Building an iPhone app entails the following, at a minimum:

* One of the Fluther team stops working on the core to train in Obj-C and Cocoa, OR Fluther invests (wastes?) money on an OS X developer.
* Continuous support for the application. Add a feature to Fluther, you have to rework the app. This costs money and time.
* Brand revision to support the appearance of the iPhone OS. Costs money and time.
* If working with a third party developer, the disclosure of sensitive information to people outside of the Fluther team.

Facebook and MySpace have hundreds of developers. Fluther have three. They’re already working on an API, which will allow other developers to tie into Fluther and access/post data. If someone really wants to make an iPhone app, they could do. If it’s that easy, you should definitely do it yourself. :)

But at the moment, Fluther is a tiny company and supporting an iPhone app would prevent them from properly supporting feature #1: the website. It’s a little outside the scope of what the Fluther team can do for the moment.

Promotion and website development are hard enough for three people to do as it is, nevermind moving into areas with which the current team have no experience.

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PS: Not to mention bug fixes, and a whole new channel of feature requests. They are essentially maintaining TWO of Fluther, as the only thing shared is the data.

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seems it’s true.

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