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Can you help me find a funny one-liner for this picture?

Asked by shilolo (18075points) September 16th, 2008

Best one liner gets my lurve.

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(the sad thing is, I went to that concert)

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The singularity is coming! Quick, look like robots!

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“The night watchman amused himself by putting the mannequins right next to the changing room entrances, just to see people’s reactions.”

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“Destroy. evil. us-es… Save. the. babes.”

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey reference

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“I told you, you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny! Now this proves it”.

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That’s a door I’m just not willing to open.

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How big is your babby? Andrew: my babby this big. Ben: my babby bigger than yours.

not really a one-liner. but poof’s “babes” made me think of it

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“Case Studies in Failed Merchandizing Attempts: Fluther Action Figures”

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One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.

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Andrew looks like a completely different person in every single picture I’ve seen. LOL

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“Hey, Gallagher, you know where Paul went?”

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“No, fellas, not the Borg Collective. We wanted you to demonstrate the moves of the Fluther Collective—you know, swim like jellyfish.”

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Mr. Roboto is behind door number 3?

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From l. to r; Pinocchio, Pinochle,

Puppet Masters; l. to r. Gepetto. Giocatore

The Beta will give P and P longer noses.

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Honey, I’m just gonna stop off on my way home for a couple of stiff ones.

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@niki hahahaha good one you so fuuuunnnny

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Andrew: Ben, if we’re very still the troll will go away.

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Perfect Answer!^^^

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Thanks. (And thanks for the new screensaver)

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The first one to move, will have violated the STATUE of limitations.

“All right guys: Which of you held that pigeon down, while the other one took a shit on it?”

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Behind one door is a horrible death….

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This is what happens when God says, “don’t look back” and we do anyway.

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“Dude, do these pants make my ass look big?”
“I’m not looking at your ass. Can’t you find a mirror?”

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Guy on Left: “Hey, Baby! Mine is THIS BIG!”

Guy on Right: “Mine is BIGGER!”

The Unseen Babe is thinking: “Gee! I wonder which one caught the bigger FISH?”

(I know! Iknow! Not a “one-liner!”)

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Tour de France…Tour de France.

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@ poofnmook

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Leading experts discuss the question of whether or not man really landed on the moon.

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(Warning: I mean absolutely no offense to anyone by this comment, I hope all will take it with the kind humor with which it was intended)

“In a bold move, Mattel releases their newest doll duo, the Andrew and Ben dolls.”

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“I’m tellin’ ya, there was a toilet bowl right here.”

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The prototypes for our android Fluther army are complete. Soon we will begin mass production and take over the world!

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@lacer: for what? :)

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“When these guys begin to move again, using all of your scientific knowledge and based on the distance between their hands, and assuming that the speed of the motion of thier hands will be a ‘universal constant’ for each person, which one will applaud first?”

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No offense Andrew and Ben….

@marissa…that’s hysterical!

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EDIT: their hands

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Latest additions to Madame Tussauds?

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I thought zombies were fictionary.

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Officer, can I move now?

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Andrew: Ben, where did everybody go?

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Practising the concept of “cool”

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Act natural, maybe they will leave us alone!

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No, I mean there’s something about the fit across the shoulders.

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inspired by cyndyh ^

Ben and Andrew model J. Crew’s stunning new “Titanium” line.

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For anyone interested, that picture was taken from this article :)

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I did a little detective work and found the original article as well. It must be nice to be featured in the alumni magazine of your college!

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Eambos = stalker :P

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pookandmook – your excellent bill and ted quote

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Which of these guys is wearing a bra and panties?

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Stepford Husbands.

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