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Human DNA found in hot dogs and veggie dogs!

Asked by ARE_you_kidding_me (19773points) October 27th, 2015

I sure hope this isn’t true. So hot dogs are soilent green then.

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Given what kinds of meat is used to make hot dogs, I am not especially surprised that an occasional mob hit doesn’t end up in the grinder. Hot dogs, Bologna, Vienna sausage and all kinds of lunch meats are made of leftover cuts and such. Sounds gross, but has been safely eaten for many years. I try not to think about it.

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Q: What do you cal the guy at the meat packing plant that has all ten fingers?
A: The new guy.

You wouldn’t notice; it’s called long pork for a reason.

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It’s the level of contamination that interests me. I mean is someone in the plant spitting in the vat with the dogs or did a speck of someone’s skin waft into a the steam cooker? I’ll bet in a factory where food products are exposed to the open air, it’s next to impossible to avoid human DNA coming in contact with the food. Most people have no idea how much skin the average person sheds. For example what would you guess is the top component for household dust? And those dust bunnies under your bed?

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We’re all cannibals.

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Perhaps the most unsettling discovery by Clear Food is that human DNA was found in 2 percent of all samples and in 66 percent of the vegetarian products.

It’s the vegetarians who are cannibals.

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New advertisements: Now with Real Meat!

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It could have been an eyelash, piece of hair or a fingernail. It doesn’t take a human corpse to contaminate food. But if thinking about it makes your Halloweenie better, then go for it.

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So what if some disgruntled meat cutter whacks off into the product.
Just some more protein for you.

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@stanleybmanly I knew someone who worked at the Allen’s apple sauce factory and she said it was common for people to use the vat where the apples were smashed as a trash can. For instance, people would blow their nose in a tissue, then toss the tissue into the vat. I’m sure that would be enough to contaminate the whole vat with human DNA.

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