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What are your must-have feast foods?

Asked by Seek (34769points) November 3rd, 2015

Now that Halloween has passed, we come to my favourite holiday: Thanksgiving, or as I prefer to call it: National Gluttony Day.

I’m hosting a Non-Country-Specific Giant Jelly Feast-For-All. We’ll have pavillions on the lawn and lovely centerpieces and fabulous entertainment.

But of course, we also want to make sure everyone has their favourite feasting food.

This isn’t a question to discuss who gave whom smallpox or whether the Mayflower invasion constituted illegal immigration, this is all about the food.

What are your must-haves?

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Deviled Eggs.

They are just an appetizer, but they set the program.

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Homemade apple pie. Homemade pumpkin pie.

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Turkey. I like it rubbed with herbs inside and out and slow roasted.

I also like homemade apple pie. Pumpkin pie is good, too.

I love roasted vegetables of all kinds. I like a variety of vegetables, including green beans, Brussels sprouts, squash, and more.

Mashed potatoes are required with pounds of real butter whipped in.

And if you want to see me melt at the table, serve freshly baked bread.

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Mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing

Because it’s all about the carbs, bout the carbs – no protein!

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

@janbb Do you like whipped potatoes, or slightly mashed so that there are still lumps?

I like them either way, but they must have massive amounts of butter.

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Turkey sammich!! Didn’t get one last year… gotta have one this year.

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@Hawaii_Jake Pretty smooth mashed with butter and milk.

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A big fat juicy fuck off roast of beef, washed down with lashings of lemonade…hoorah!

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Yorkshire Puddings! For dessert, we often have Banana Fritta, which I love. I think I would greatly enjoy Pecan Pie, but I’ve never had it.

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@longgone Come to visit and I’ll make you a pecan pie.

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^ Booking flight…

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@janbb, may I have a slice too (or two)?

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I can’t resist lemon meringue pie.

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My wife’s made-from-scratch macaroni and cheeze! It’s even cheezier than the blue box!

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potato salad and bratwurst

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@Pachy Not a chance!

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Condiments. Sauces and pestos and creams and cheeses and mustards and chutney. ....yep.

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My husband’s stuffing is to die for.

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@dammitjanetfromvegas That comment sounds like it should be NSFW!

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Real gravy made from pan drippings, not the crap from the jar. That wonderful nectar goes on everything.

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@ragingloli potato salad and bratwurst

Do you like your potato salad hot or warm, or cold?

ragingloli's avatar

cold, always

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@janbb haha. I threw that one out there for @ucme

But really, you should try his stuffing! I could eat an entire plate of it. I eat it for breakfast the following day. I’ll stop now.

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well, it IS rich in protein

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Deviled eggs
Creamed corn

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I like stuffing with sausage in it (I know that sounds NSFW haha).

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@jca Any type of sausage-stuffing might be considered NSFW!

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Let’s have a (NSFW) sausage party tonight!

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I get to be the sausage stuffer!

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