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When was the last time you had a cake on your birthday?

Asked by ucme (45422points) February 21st, 2013

A proper cake with candles & purdy ribbons & shit…stuff.
Mostly associated with kids birthdays it’s true, but I just wondered if anyone was as childish as m…ahem, carry on =0)

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I don’t eat cake. Never have. Don’t even get me started about frosting.

My kids demand birthday cakes for me now. I blow out the candles, and they eat the cake.

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Every year. We celebrate our coworkers’ birthdays at the office with cake (or a favorite dessert), candles and a champagne toast. My family usually has a birthday cake for me, too. Is that a two-layered celebration?

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Yeah, i’m not much of a sweet-tooth, but when your kids go to all that trouble & well, blowing candles out is half the fun.

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Wow, never thought about it. Frankly, I’m 65 and can’t remember the last time we had cake on my birthday. It was probably before my 50th birthday because I never expected to make it to 50.

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I’ve always had a cake for my birthday.
I’ve had 23 birthday cakes so far, and later on this year I’ll have my 24th.
We all have cakes in our family, even my parents. To be honest it’s the only time I ever eat cake.
I also still have a chocolate advent calendar leading up to Christmas.
I don’t think I’ll ever grow up!

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My 10th birthday. I never really liked cake, some cake I enjoy a lot, but as a kid I used to eat way too much and then I would feel sick, so since age 10 the tradition has been an ice cream instead, one of those fancy log ones.

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I was about 10 years old and my Mom had made me this lovely strawberry cake. It was on the counter, and in the middle of the night, our dog managed to get up on the dining room chair, then onto the table and jump to the counter where he ate a good third of that cake. Luckily it wasn’t chocolate or it might have killed him. After that, but not because of that incident, I ususally wanted pizza instead. I’m pretty sure we ate the rest of the cake, too, which was not damaged LOL.

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For years my mom served chocolate fudge cupcakes made by a little German-Jewish bakery in lieu of a birthday cake. I loved those cupcakes, and so did every kid who ever came to my parties. Mmmmm, I could inhale one of them right this minute, but the bakery has been closed for years.

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About 400 years ago.

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I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have cake on my birthday. There must have been one or two over the years, maybe when I was single and my parents weren’t nearby. We do all birthdays up with cake and candles and presents at my house.

When the children were small, I baked my own cake. Later, one of them did it. When one’s been away, we’ve sometimes had cake on his birthday anyway in his honor.

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I had a cookie cake at my office in January.

My birthday’s in December, but since we had a luncheon for Christmas and the End of the World (failed), we lied on the company roster to move my birthday to January. Gotta have a party every month, see.

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I don’t really like cake very much, and I can’t remember the last time I had one.

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Too long ago. I could go for some cake right now, actually.

For my bridal shower we had a vanilla cake with cream cheese icing and a strawberries in between layers. Soooo good. Publix makes the best cakes.

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I never really liked cake (it makes me nauseous), but my family gets me a sweet potato pie on my birthday every year. I love me some sweet potato pie!

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Every year! I don’t care how old we each get, everyone has a birthday cake with candles. We even take one to restaurants when we eat out on our birthdays.

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10th birthday, my biggest b day party ever. Mudslides and garden hoses, and cakes and scary stories and sleep over outside. It was fantastic.

Then we switched to biscuits whipped cream and strawberries. A quick and dirty angel food helping.

I can’t remember what it was after my 15th just come what may. Now all the females in the family have celiac and multiple different allergies so we are decidedly out of the box if we do any thing at all.

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I went to get one of my favorite Princess cakes which has a light green almond paste covering and a cream filling. They didn’t have one, but they sell good sized pieces for individual desserts. So I settled for two of those. I get cake often enough during the year that it doesn’t much matter if I have it on m birthday. Putting the right number of candles on it could cause a house fire.

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For my seventeenth birthday this past October, my dad’s fiancee made a spice/carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting, which is one of my favorite combinations ever! It’s one of the most delicious cakes I’ve ever eaten. I rarely eat junk food, but I’ve had cake on all of my birthdays as far as I know.

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Soooooooo Long ago I cannot even remember.

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We do birthdays big time in my family. It was my grandfather’s idea. We usually have two different cakes and ice cream.
Carrot cake is awesome!

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Every year. Mine and my daughter’s birthday are near each other, so we each get a small cake.

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My wife made me a lovely pineapple-upside-down cake for my birthday last year.
I’m not much of a sweets fan in general but she can bake and it was great.

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I think I’ve only ever had three birthday cakes in my life thus far – so not difficult to recall the last one.

The last cake I got for my birthday was a chocolate sponge cake from my kid brother, about five years ago. It was pretty good for a first attempt at baking a cake.

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It’s been a long time. Probably the last time was when I was ten.

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I’m going to be away from home for my husband’s birthday in a few weeks. I have already organised with my children to visit him and to bring him a beautiful birthday cake to share on the day. I have never missed his birthday before :-(

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Every year I make my favorite kind of cake, invite myself to a party, and sign to myself, and then eat as much cake as I can stand. It’s just easier that way. I don’t have to organize anything, and I don’t have to make anything other than cake. I do enjoy cake, although not that much.

The next day, if there’s anyone around, I invite them for cake. I don’t tell anyone it’s my birthday. I just say there’s leftover cake. Some years the cake gets old and I have to throw it out. Those are not the good years.

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Cheers folks, good stuff.

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I guess it’s been about four or five years. A couple of years ago I did buy myself a cupcake and crammed 42 candles in it. The conflagration scared the birds and they started making smoke alarm noises and it did put out a lot of smoke. When I took the candles out the cupcake was more hole than cake.

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So, to hijack @ucme‘s thread – do any of the birthday cake lovers have a favourite cake that their family know they have to produce each year or do you prefer a more spontaneous ‘wait and see what you get’ approach? Have you had a favourite birthday cake that sticks in your mind as the best birthday cake ever?

I bought my daughter a cake for her 18th and it was a white chocolate mud cake with a huge tempered chocolate guitar on top. It looked divine but better than that it was the best mud cake I have ever eaten. The lady only charged me about $70 and when I went back to buy another cake, she had gone out of business. Such a pity. She undervalued her work.

I don’t have a favourite cake but I just went looking for the shop that sold a memorable cake I once had and found so many amazing birthday cake sites. I am going to become more adventurous I think.

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@Bellatrix I love peach upside down cake. Or strawberry shortcake. They’re usually homemade. We have a bakery here that makes a chocolate ganache cake that’s amazing. (let me check that spelling)

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I always have a birthday cake! I’m so surprised at the number of people who’ve said they don’t. I’m not really big on cakes either but as long as its nice and moist, with no gooey fruit filling and creamy rich frosting I’ll like it. I also like non traditional things like carrot cake and pineapple upside down cake.
My favorite cake of all time was one my mother made for me when I was 7. It had a doll inside it and the cake was her dress! Oh how exiting that was to me! It was so special that I’ve always remembered it.

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Ha, someone says “hijack” & look who appears first…no surprise there then, oh & it’s not my thread it’s the “communities”, so knock yourselves out :-)
@Earthgirl Yeah, cakes are a special birthday treat, kind of symbolic too, certainly with the blowing candles out “ceremony”, everyone singing happy birthday as you go, although I don’t much care for the song as I’ve mentioned before.

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@ucme I’ll bet you a million dollars (or pounds) that after you hear the new birthday song you’ll be all nostalgic and begging for the old one!!

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I want it in pounds. The math is better.

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@Earthgirl Sweet baby jesus in a hoodie, I almost barfed only 10secs in…you sold me, in £££‘s though m’dear.

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@ucme :} I had a feeling you might say that

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