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X-mas music now? I still have Halloween candy from last week!

Asked by msh (4262points) November 5th, 2015 from iPhone

Had to run an errand today. Turned on the car radio.
November 5th, 2015. The day the 24–7 X-Mas music started.
I still have Halloween candy.
I should buy my valentine cards next week before they are sold out!
Any radio stations in your area making musical ‘Merry-ing’ early this year?
Has the X-Mas world been pushed to start way too early?

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My cable tv company started playing Christmas music on November 1st. Do it every year. I don’t usually turn on my Christmas music till almost Christmas. I am not ready for it yet. I am still getting ready for thanksgiving. Rather listen to Adam Sandler sing the Thanksgiving song than any Christmas song.

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Sssssshhh… Christmas doesn’t start until the carcasse of the Thanksgiving turkey is in the stock pot.

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Decorations are up. Market Street in San Francisco is lined with snowflake lights on every lamppost. I saw a fancy tree decorating company putting lights on some rich person’s tree on Sunday afternoon.

Way too early for me.

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There have been Christmas goodies available since September, around here…
Every year, I resolve to wait until November to buy any. It’s time now, but I’m still waiting for the weather to change from mild and windy into grey, wet, foggy, and cold. Can’t wait!

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This is the reason why I get slightly depressed for a few days after Christmas Day. The spirit of Christmas is around for two whole months, but the very next morning on the 26th, BAM, it’s all over.

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@rockfan – I run out to the store before all of the Easter things sell out! :)

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I have to laugh today. I went to pick up a few things at a store. It was almost 80 degrees here in NJ and I was wearing shorts. The store was packed with everything CHRISTMAS. LOL

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I saw them stocking Xmas some place right after Labor day. September 5th. Most people hadn’t even given a lot of thought to Halloween candy yet.
I think I was in Menard’s, but I saw Xmas somewhere else shortly after.

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My personal rule is no Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. It is tough holding back.

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