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Can you recommend a programming application for kids?

Asked by John_Mactavish (29points) July 23rd, 2008

I am trying to get my nephew into programming at an early age so when he becomes the next cliffy B hopefully he won’t forget me. :)

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Visual Basic is the easiest out there as far as I’m aware of.

I took a class back sophomore year in highschool and it was as simple as anything, not to much coding in it, and it’s good for some basics.

Really any form of BASIC, I learned how to code first on my TI-83+ calculator I got in 8th grade and started making BASIC programs, all from reading tutorials online, landed up making a Windows XP akin system on my calculator! Wasn’t to buggy either, then it got deleted :(

But yea I’d suggest Visual Basic, it’s an excellent starting point.

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ALICE is probably your best bet for your nephew, because it teaches programming in a 3-D environment. This is a project that was started by Professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon. Best of all its Free.

Good Luck!

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What ever happened to LOGO?

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That is a pretty cool site Owly, thanks. I agree with XCNuse with VB .net, it’s easy to understand as it’s all written stuff (few {} () etc.) and if you get Visual Basic Express, the GUI editor for it then it’s even easier :) But I’ve never tried the other options like ALICE suggested by rob.

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Alice is awesome! I also recommend it. Isnt there supposed to be a new version coming out soon or something?

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StarLogo TNG by far the best one I know!!!

Visual programming, that’s suitable for even small children, & engaging 3D game-like output.

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search for Hackety hack. It is a programming tutor for kids developed by Why The Lucky Stiff (thats his online moniker). It teaches the Ruby programming language in a style reminiscent of the old Lego tutor and introduces many powerful concepts in a very playful and entertaining manner. The other ones suggested are also good. But make sure you at least try this.

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