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Substitute for Levsin prescription?

Asked by curiouslillady21 (33points) July 23rd, 2008

I take Levsin for bladder/uterine/colon spasms but just found out it’s been discontinued. Anyone know an effective alternative, rx or otherwise??

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Hello. Are you sure that it has been discontinued? According to Alaven Pharmaceuticals, the drug HAS NOT BEEN discontinued. In fact, there is a statement on their website that reads ”All Levsin® and Levbid® products are available through normal distribution channels including retail and mail order pharmacies.

Occasionally false “Levsin®, Levsin® SL or Levbid® is discontinued” messages can be generated by distributors for products that they do not have in stock that day. Due to a recent surge in demand there may be short term supply shortages at local pharmacies across the country but product is available and pharmacies can find product at various wholesalers.

I suggest you check your sources again. If you truly believe you need an alternative, then two possibilities are Ditropan and Detrol. Good luck.

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Thanks so much for ur help! I’ll check back w/my pharmacy. Hopefully it is a mistake, but if they really can’t get it anymore I’ll ask my dr. abt the other 2 meds u mentioned.

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I would add that those two medicines are typically used for bladder contractions (at least, that is how I have prescribed them in the past). Whether they are effective for uterine and colon spasms I don’t know, but a short trial of one or the other medicine would be reasonable. Oh, and welcome to Fluther :-)

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I used Detrol after I was having bladder spasms after a few nasty recurrent UTI’s and it helped immensely without any scary side effects; might be one worth checking into as it’s widely available.

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For uterine/colon spasms you could try buscopan (Butylscopolamine).

If its for relief of symptoms of IBS then peppermint capsules might be worth trying.

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I also took Levsin for about 6 years and heard it was discontinued. I did take Levbid and it made my problem worse. I get diarria very badley and that is why a DR. perscribed the levin. Will it be put back on the market or has it already come back.

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