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Wouldn't it be wise to cut off one means for DASH (ISIS) to obtain more money by bombing their money-making oil wells?

Asked by msh (4262points) November 16th, 2015

The DASH organization makes over $40 million dollars (US) a day on the oil they drill. Why not send a few of the nightly bombs over to their oil fields? I realize that it would begin a fire that would not go out for a time, but if it meant cutting back on what was available monetarily to this group…would it be worth it? Don’t you find it interesting that no one in this melee has touched ANY of the operating oilfields? A few have changed hands, but never shut down. Who set this up? Pollution vs Loss of $ profits for war? (Wonder if the environmental conference is considering this option right now?)

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Environmentally it would be a disaster.
Better to pressure the countries buying the oil to find other sources.

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We’ve done that to some extent. We’d be better off exerting diplomatic pressure on the countries where most of the supporting donations come from. But most of them are, strangely, allies. I’m look at you, Saudi Arabia.

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I think that allowing ISIS to finance their war is worse than the environment damage that bombing oil storage and pumping facilities would cause.

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If desired, every oil field could be shut down within 30 minutes of the go command. It is easy. They are stationary sitting ducks that have virtually no protection. (Just like the rest of the world’s oil refineries by the way) . Type in the GPS coordinates and press “Go”.
What is needed is the agreement of the rest of the world that destruction is the best course of action. That is the hard part.
Once destroyed it will take billions of dollars and years to get them up and running again. That will hinder the country’s economic recovery. (It will also cause the price of gasoline to increase – and we know how Americans feel about that.)
Rather than take the easy route the supply lines are being cut. Trucks are being targeted. Soon, bank funds will be seized.
Believe me, you are not the first person to realize this. Russia would love to hurt the supply chain and see prices rise. Low prices are causing an economic crisis there.
You will not likely see and ISIS hit on Moscow. That would be their Waterloo.

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The more I read up on this crazy Middle East conflict the more I learn about the area and what the mass media is not tell us. IMO it would be unwise to bomb the oil wells as the oil wells in Syria have enabled a civilian managed cottage industry of home made refineries that is finally establishing a semblance of a stable economy which has spurred hundreds of thousands of families to start their own businesses. People are starting to support themselves and to cut off the oil supply would put these people back begging in the streets.

What the news media is also keeping fairly quiet on are two competing pipelines that will bring Middle East oil to Europe and both will cross through Syria. One pipeline is supported by Qatar and Turkey and backed by the US, the other is an Iran, Iraw and Syria pipeline backed by Russia so there is a lot of powerful interests over there to keep the oil flowing. The key to a solution I am reading is to cut off ISIS’s ability to use the refineries and oil fields instead of destroying them.

A pretty thorough and detail laden read on the oil situation in Syria can be read here

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@Cruiser Yep. The only thong keeping those refineries working is the cash they bring in to ISIS. They are basically hostages.
I’m willing to bet that when the world cuts the funding, ISIS will pull a Hussein and start them on fire.

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@LuckyGuy I think it is a whole lot more complicated that just cutting off the cash to ISIS. ISIS is a quasi government that is taking care of the people they occupy and from where I sit many there seem OK as it is light years better than the way Assad treated them. If the Middle East first and foremost wants a stable government than they have to find a way for the Sunnis and Shia’s to tolerate each other. A stable economy will certainly help both sides achieve stability. Now that Iran is regaining it’s ability to trade freely again they too will become a believe it or not stabilizing force as I am pretty positive they won’t want to bring those sanctions against themselves any time soon.

We can try and do all sorts of things to prop up one country over another and in the end it won’t matter much until like I said the Sunnis and Shia’s learn to play nice over there and that I don’t see ever happening.

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Never mind, Putin did it.
He does like the thought of his northern countries’ oil being purchased with a $ higher demand. Not too dumb, that boy. Scary, but dumb as a fox.

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