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do you now what is Serbia and where they are?

Asked by zivan (4points) November 27th, 2007
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Serbia is in south eastern Europe, a part of what was once Yugoslavia until it broke up in the 1990s.
There are also Serbian populations in neighbouring Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovnia.
The Serbian language is part of the slavic group, so it is a bit like Russian, Bulgarian, etc.

I am leaving out a lot of history. It is very complex and controversial. Read it for yourself and decide who was to blame for the war crimes and genocides of the 1990s.

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I know it is a country, but I’m really bad at topography, so I’m not sure where it is. I also recall something that it split up very peacefully with mo….thingy. Or perhaps that was another country that split up from what-was-it before that. Yeah, I suck at such things :P

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Just following up on my previous answer:
There’s a lot more to Serbia than its tragic recent history.
It is a beautiful country, one which is largely ignored by the tourism industry.

I passed through it a number of times when it was still part of Yugoslavia. The cities tend to be a bit grey and grim, but a lot of the countryside is fantastic.

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Tennis fans are starting to really take note of Serbia because a lot of young Serbs are rising through the ranks. That’s another positive.

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And they won the Eurovision Song Contest this year. So the contest will be hosted there next year.

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Of course i know where it is! I live there!

Well, ppl it is a beautiful country (if you mean of its natural treasures), but it’s certainly not a really good place to live… There’s too much corruption, retarded politicians, and the history is interesting but sad (because it’s full of wars).

@QuizMaster: There are almost no Serbs in Croatia, because they were all outcasted during the war in 1990s.

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