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Are Killer Bees still threatening America?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) July 23rd, 2008

It seems like back in the 80s I saw some news report saying that Killer Bees were going to invade the USA from the South. Sometime in the 90s I heard a similar threat and I remembered hearing the first one. I haven’t heard about it since then. But I have a theory: either this is a coded message to switch on/off the idiot lights in our President, or there really is a threat and it is delayed because Killer Bees are lazy.

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It was yet another over-reaction by the mass media to a misrepresented occurance. The “killer bees” are merely somewhat more aggressive. But then I suspect you already know that since you know their real name.

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I highly doubt that a swarm of killer bees are going to invade us to the point that it’s actually a risk factor.

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I thought Charlton Heston took care of this with the help of a scientist using the anti-serum on himself, and eventually using the US military helicopters and flamethrowers or something in that 1970’s bee disaster film. Clearly I need to see that one again as my memory is really foggy.

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sadly it is a tough time for bees right now. There is a mysterious disease or virus that has killed a majority of the bee population in the US. Although killer bees have been living here for decades, it unlikely they pocess enough strength in #s to execute an all-out attack against us. So you can finally go outside now. :)

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Wow, that’s a relief! Thanks guys!!!

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The so-called killer bees interbred with other strains and their aggression was weakened. Also, much of the honey bee population has been decimated by mites.

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they never did man they helped us bees make flowers so the planet will live and we wont get killed

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Anything swarming in from Mexico should be considered a threat to the United States.

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