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What's your oldest article of clothing that you wear on a regular basis?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) December 2nd, 2015

I ask as I sit here wearing a Marlboro sweatshirt that I received as a promotion in the 1980’s. I have two, and I alternate them as morning ‘pull on wear’ during the winter.
Largely unstained, believe that or not.

Do you have clothing you still wear that’s old enough to be your grandchild?

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I have a North Face parka that I bought in 1976 that’s still in regular rotation. Sure got my money’s worth out of that.

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A scarf that I’ve had since my school days. It hides my neck from Vampires…

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Old OshKosh B’gosh gas station attendant style jacket I stole from my sister about 25 years ago.

I just took a picture for you. I know I have E.T. fingers

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Two pairs of espadrilles that are about 25 years old.

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Other than my belt? Coats, jackets, hats. I have a pair of rubber chore boots that I wear in the snow or rain that must be close to 20 years old. I go through socks very quickly and if not, shoes wear out in about 3 to 4 months.

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A pair jeans I bought as a teenager (actually the first pair of jeans I bought myself, with my first pay check) – raw 25oz Japanese denim. Apart from the fade they are still in pretty good condition.

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I have a couple of old dog-walking sweaters that I’ve had since my first dog. Late 70s, I’m thinking.

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I have a “Marlboro” womens, fleece lined, faux suede vest. It is dark brown with fleece trim and it is 10 years old now and in mint condition. I wear it daily, all winter long and it still looks great. It has been all around the world and U.S. , literally!

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My old diapers.

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My hoodie sweater. Over 20 years old. In fact I am wearing it now.

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A denim skirt that I bought in 1973.

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A Bob and Tom sweatshirt I got about eighteen years ago. It is in great shape. The elasticity of the sleeve cuffs was shot almost right away, but I just took some ½” elastic, and folded the cuffs inward around the elastic and stitched them down. I have to be able to shove my sleeves above my elbows when I am working. It worked perfectly and I can still love my warm, comfy sweatshirt for years to come.

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The hat I’m wearing now was from my little league team when I was in 4th grade. So that was..2005 I believe. The backpack I wear everyday is even older. It was my brother’s when he was in middle school.

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I have a U2 t-shirt from the Zooropa tour in my rotation – so, 1993? It’s still in good shape. I got it from my hubby, who found it kind of randomly in his metal shirt collection. Neither of us know where it came from.

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It’s too bad it’s so much trouble to post a pic here. I wish we could all do as @johnpowell did.

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Of the clothes that are actually mine, some vacation t-shirts from like 5–9 years ago. My mom recently gave me some of her vintage 80s sweaters so those are over 30 years old.

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I have some tee shirts and yoga pants that I wear to bed, that are maybe 12–15 years old. Clothes I wear out in public tend to be “fresh” looking so I wouldn’t usually wear an old tee shirt that’s 12 -15 years old out to the store or with friends. I also lost a lot of weight a few years ago so much of what I used to wear is too big on me now.

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I think the first pair of peg-leg Levi’s I ever bought may be in the house somewhere. If so they’re quickly approaching 40 years old.
I could get them on, but not buttoned if I found them.
I might have the shoes I wore to HS graduation in 1979. Brown wingtips.

I’ve recently been wearing a pair of gloves I cut the knuckle on around 1981–2.

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Not really. Most of the stuff I have is five to ten years old. I still have my outfit I came in when I was adopted in the eighties but obviously I don’t wear it.

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My court-ordered chastity belt is MEDIEVAL!

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