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An oldie, but a goodie. Have you discovered any new musicians or bands lately?

Asked by marinelife (62445points) December 20th, 2015

Just today I heard a fantastic cover of The Sounds of Silence sung by David Drayman of Disturbed.

I was in awe of his range, and the way he made the song his own, while being true to the original.

Who has caught your ear lately?

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Leon Bridges is only 25, but his smooth voice is a throwback reminiscince to singers like Sam Cooke. He’s very easy to listen to.

He only has one album out currently but I’m sure we will be hearing more from him.

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Esperanza Spalding and I shall marry some day. She’ll be so excited when somebody tells her about me!

Warpaint plays gorgeous atmospheric music from a trio that sounds like an orchestra.

Shemekia Copeland had a live set on my morning radio recently. Yow!

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Beach House is spacey and super evocative.

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@Buttonstc and @dammitjanetfromvegas Thanks for the intro to Leo Bridges.

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Disturbed has put out a few good covers. Thanks for the intro to this one!

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