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I sent my lawn guy a tip the first week of December. As of today, he hasn't cashed the check. Should I text him?

Asked by chyna (46339points) December 27th, 2015

I have sent him a check in the past in a Christmas card and he has thanked me and cashed the check. I am worried that he didn’t receive it. Should I text him? I don’t want to look like I’m expecting a thank you, because I’m not. I just want to be sure he received it.

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I’d wait until just after New Years.
That’s a month. He might just be uncommonly busy, or checks might be trickling in and he’s going to make one transaction out of it.
Personally, I don’t usually get to the bank much more than once a month, and that’s really the only thing I can do with a personal check.
As long as no one cashes it, you can always stop payment and write another. I think mentioning it looks like you’re annoyed that it wasn’t acknowledged, personally.

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I agree with @ibstubro. If he hasn’t cashed it after the banks open in the New Year, follow up. I’ve been so busy up until Christmas, there’s no way I could have banked a cheque. So perhaps he’s just been flat out with family and Christmas.

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I wouldn’t worry about it. They’re probably out of town. My cousin and her husband run a lawn service company of their own here in Connecticut, and spend most of the winter months in Maine.

What can I tell you? Maine, for the winter? It’s this family.

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I think you can wait until after New Years for all the reasons stated above, or go ahead and text him tomorrow if you feel like it. I’m sure he won’t mind that you wanted to make sure he received it.

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I fourth (or fifth) waiting until the first week after New Year’s.

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Don’t worry about it. He doesn’t have the time or the money to run to the bank every time he gets a check. Also, doing so would screw up his budgeting system. And take more deposit slips than needed. If it goes past 90 days I might call him on it.

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Maybe he fancies the arse off you & he’s holding on to said cheque to savour the aroma, as it still holds a trace of your soft, scented hand.

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^I’m sure that’s it!

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It’s a theory, run with it…

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Maybe he was deported. You should check with Immigration.

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Why? Do you check to make sure he brushed his teeth every day as well? Do you call hime to see if he’s taking his vitamins.

If the dude is ol enough to run a business, he is old enough to cash his checks all by himself.

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@elbanditoroso I was concerned he didn’t receive it. If you had read the entire question, you would have realized that.

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Never fear. He’ll get around to cashing it. In all the times over the years I’ve waited for someone or some business to cash a check and thought they wouldn’t, they did. And, if your guy didn’t get the check, he’ll get in touch with you eventually.

All that said, why not just go ahead and relieve your mind and text him? Nothing wrong with following up.

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Maybe he wants to…ahem, trim your bush :D

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Also, you sent him a check. Did you write “tip” on it so he would know? And with a check, he has to mark it down in his business ledger, so has to pay taxes on it as income. Try (and I didn’t tell you this) tipping with cash next time. Cash is cool!

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I send my checks for mowing to his business name on the check.
I sent this one in a card addressed to his family and wrote merry Christmas on the subject line. I did this last year and he cashed it and thanked within a week. That’s why I’m thinking its lost.

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Update: I checked my account and he has cashed the check.

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Are we good advisers, or what, @chyna? ;-)

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