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If you could be totally fluent in another language other than your own, what language would that be?

Asked by ibstubro (18644points) January 4th, 2016

And why?

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Japanese, so I would not have to rely on subtitles to watch my favourite tentacle porn

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French, the language of romance. Plus if you are fluent in French, it isn’t a leap to be conversant in Italian or Spanish,

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Spanish, because there are so many Hispanic people that work in the area I work in, it would be helpful.

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Spanish or Arabic.

To increase my potential pool of research study recruits.

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Arabic, because it would be so useful now, or French, because it is so beautiful.

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Irish Gaelic.

I want to be able to read Irish literature in its intended form.

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American Sign Language

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@si3tech That is very easy to learn! Find an adult education class.

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@si3tech My son is taking ASL as his foreign language requirement for entry into University.

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miss you gail

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Chinese whispers, a surprise ending to every conversation.

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Norwegian… because I am forced to live here and being completely fluent rather than sounding like a bit of an idiot would help me with study and/or get a better job and in every day dealings in life…. like today, when I get another reminder in my email for something that looks urgent, but for the life of me, I can’t work out the language well enough to figure out what the fuck they are on about.

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Sarcasm but only somedays.

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I have been taking classes in American Sign Language for some years, going into the advanced class this month. I do not know people who use it all the time so between sessions of classes I lose some. If you don’t use it you do lose it. It is a beautiful language.

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It would have to be French since I am there frequently visiting my son, DIL and grandsons.

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I wish I could be a little more like my sister, she speaks ASL, Spanish, Swiss and French. She speaks Swiss and French well enough to teach medical massage therapy in Europe.

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Hm. Arabic, I guess. That would come in handy with all the refugees.

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Italian, because I started and didn’t finish.

Spanish, because doesn’t everyone speak Spanish? Why don’t I?

And Arabic, because the script is beautiful, and I don’t know any languages like it. I have a thing for languages that don’t share our alphabet.

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1st: Chinese
2nd: Spanish
3rd: Russian
4th: Sign language.

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Chinese so I don’t get left out of conversations when I’m over there.

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French, for the sheer romance of the sound.

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Tough question. But considering where life led me, it would have been useful to have command of Latin and its idioms circa 50 C. E.

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Only one? I’ll go with French. It’s such a pretty language.

Other than that I’d like to learn Spanish. I’d like to travel more and it would be helpful to speak French and Spanish.

I’m not good at learning languages so this isn’t going to happen!

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I can get by on English (by wildly gesturing and speaking really, really loudly- it helps others comprehend so much better!) and French. I would learn to speak the Russian dialect, and it’s street jargen also. You get farther when you do so.

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I would probably have to go with Arabic. I’d like to know first hand what Islamic militants are saying, and their fellow Arabs response.
It would also be an excellent paying job at present, and yes, I’m willing to relocate.

However, like @Earthbound_Misfit, “I’m not good at learning languages so this isn’t going to happen!”

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I love the way it sounds.

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@OpryLeigh A bissele mazel, shayna maidele!

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@janbb i hope that’s friendly. It sounds friendly!

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Italian. I like the sound and it is very expressive when spoken properly.

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I hope you’re good with your hands, @Espiritus_Corvus.

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@OpryLeigh It means, “Have a little good luck, pretty young woman!”

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@janbb Thank you.. That really is lovely :)

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@janbb “pretty young woman” should be luck enough!

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