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Why can't we just ignore them?

Asked by Jak (3600points) January 10th, 2016

These men in Oregon seem to have little popular support and are relatively isolated. There was talk about turning off the electricity and stopping the mail. I read the one guy was expecting the place to be stormed but that doesn’t seem to be part of any plan. They’re apparently fighting amongst themselves and a couple have jumped ship. Why can’t we just shut the utilities off, cut off supplies and maybe post a perimeter and wait for the rest to unravel? I’m positive they’ll re-think their choices when they get hungry enough.

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Why not just rain down some Hellfire missiles from a Predator drone?
They are terrorists, after all.

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Ikr? Still, a drone strike lends validity. I feel like we should treat them like when a four year old announces she’s running away. Packs up her toys and goes to her tree house. She comes back in when it starts to get dark out. It’s dinner time.

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I like @Jak ‘s approach. They want to be independent rebels so let’s take them off the grid.
@ragingloli Hellfire missiles cost $100,000 each and, frankly, those rubes are not worth the money.

A simple air drop of half a ton of fresh cow manure would be equally effective and would fertilize the soil as well.

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Anything less than Total Annihilation™ would not only show a complete underestimation of the very real threat of right wing terrorism, which claims far more lives in your country than Islamist terrorism, but also reveals the hypocrisy with which you approach different terrorist factions.

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@Jak, we rarely agree but we do this time. I wouldn’t even turn off the power, just jam the cell signals, direct all landlines to a negotiator, and stop any traffic in or out. It would be over in a week.

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I’d be hesitant to do anything to further pollute the wildlife refuge. It’s bad enough they’ll have to send in a Hazmat team to neutralize the Natural Light urine on every tree within stumbling distance of the building.

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You’re right.

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