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What is the math from turning a circle into a sphere and beyond ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16961points) January 13th, 2016

You can square a square into a cube. What is the fancy name for adding a dimensions to a sphere? For squares it is cube to hyper-cube. Is a sphere into a hyper-sphere? What is next for a hyper-sphere into an additional dimensions? Can you show me your favorite picture of a hyper-sphere?

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Although hypercube can refer to a four dimensional cube, the term also refers to any n dimensional cube. The proper term for 4 dimensional cube is teseract. Hypersphere also refers to spheres in more than three dimensions. I did a google search and found this picture of a hypersphere, which I think does a pretty good job of representing it.

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Calc 1, solids of revolution.

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You can’t square a square into a cube. (x2) defines a square. (x3) defines a cube.

Squaring the square (x2)2 is x^4, a hyper cube, not a cube.

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The question has been answered. A tetrahedron is the 3 dimensional form of a triangle and the general term in k dimensions is k-simplex.

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