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Is there a way to treat conjunctivitis without a visit to the vet?

Asked by coquilicot (152points) July 24th, 2008

I just got home and noticed that my poor kitty has a red, weepy and swollen eye. I’ve treated it in rabbits without much hassle, does anyone have a recommendation with for cats?

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Vet, asap. You need to rule out that it is not herpes or something else that, if left untreated, could bring dire consequences. This is nothing to fool with, let’s just hope it is something minor, but better safe than sorry, for both of you.

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Doesn’t sound like herpes; my boy cat has it. If it is, give kitty some lysine once a day (I give my cat about 250mgs each day, and he hasn’t had an outbreak in over a year now. Get a capsule so you can open it up and mix it with some food.).

Of course see a vet. Better safe than sorry. Kitty could have a scratch on the cornea, or something imbedded in the eye.

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It may not be tf, but my cat’s started out that way, and it should be checked out in case it is. L-lysine can supplement treatment, but it’s the description of “swollen” that bothers me and shouldn’t rely on just home treatment. It could be an injury, infection or virus, and I believe professional advice is needed on this one.

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@seesul You’re right of course. That’s why I edited my response.

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tf: thanks=^^=

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Thanks, thanks guys. Yes, sounds like a visit to the vet is in order. :(

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Conjunctivitis is typically treated with an antibiotic ointment or solution that contains a steroid. If there is a corneal ulcer present, the steroid will worsen the situation and can even cause rupture of the globe.

Ulcers cannot usually be seen without fluoroscein stain. The stain is taken up only when the most superficial layer of cells on the cornea have a break in the surface. The results of this test will determine what the appropriate treatment will be.

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