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What happened in the Groundhog Day's lawsuit?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18623points) January 27th, 2016

Someone sued one of the Groundhog Day’s mascots , for seeing its shawdow, a couple of years ago. Whatever happened to it?

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Sounds like a joke to me.

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I sincerely hope the suit was laughed out of the court.

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Did you know that baby groundhogs are called “chucklings”?

How does this relate to the question? It doesn’t. It’s just cute and fun. Almost as cute as a panda frolicking in the snow. Almost as much fun as a group of jellyfish being called a fluther.

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I did not know that. That was a very good thing you told us @Love_my_doggie. I think I’ll start calling the twins “chucklings.” It fits.

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@Dutchess_III Well, if the twins make you chuckle, and I’m guessing they do, “chucklings” does seem to be an apt name!

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