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How do the yellow, red, white, and other potaotes stack up healthwise?

Asked by flo (12974points) January 28th, 2016

Sweet potatoes are the best, but what comes next and next and next….in terms of health. I’m referring to the commonly found ones.

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I assume any overly specific nutrition advice is bunk – people have thrived on hugely different diets like seals in the Arctic, rice & fish in Asia, and olives and grain around the Mediterranean.

But one book I follow is Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson.

It;s a meta-study (she studied lots of studies), and gives the general advice that colorful vegetables are better for you.

And she doesn’t go nuts, like “eat only orange food!!!”.

She says when you have the choice, eat the purple, red and yellow over the green. When your choice is green, eat it.

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Not sure but Idaho’s are my favorite

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@jaytkay But sweet potatoes are way better than all the others is specific. So, is it hard to find (I found it hard) a site that stacks the rest of them up healthwise?
@rojo Idaho vs which ones?

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Alright, I found my copy of Eating on the Wild Side.

There’s a whole chapter on potatoes (sweet potatoes are a different, species), but if you get one thing out of it, it should be “Choose the most colorful potatoes – blue, purple and red are better than yellow”. And eat the skins.

What the entire book is phytonutrients, and here is a specific measurement for potatoes ( I am estimating the numbers from this graph )

Measured phenolics, mg/100g (more is better)
Purple Peruvian ~ 200
French Fingerling ~ 60
Large Purple ~ 50
Ozette Fingerling ~ 50
Ruby Red Crescent ~ 20
Russet ~ 10
Yukon Gold ~ 5
Kennebec ~ 1

Regarding sweet potatoes, she says they are better for you, higher in antioxidants and lower in glycemic index. And again, the red, purple and dark orange ones are better than lighter.

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No idea but I love the small red potatoes. I just bought some today.

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Very interesting @jaytkay

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