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What is the reason for sewing pants pockets shut?

Asked by chyna (46153points) February 1st, 2016

I have bought dress pants over the years and some of them come with the pockets sewn shut. Why is this?

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If they are real pockets and not fakes, they are sewn shut to keep the shape pristine before wearing. Once sold you should snip the stitches and use the pockets! Similarly a tack is made at the bottom of coat and jacket vents which looks like a little X. Sometimes I see people who have left the tack in whilst wearing it. It’s meant to be removed before wearing.

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I agree with @David_Achilles. It depends on whether they’re real or fake pockets.

I figure if you’re going to put a fake pocket in, why not make it a real one! I like pockets. I hate sticking my tissues in my bra (I don’t need the padding), because its the only place I have to store them!

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Lol, Earthbound_Misfit , if the pockets are fake they aren’t even functional so you have no choice but to leave them closed! They have to be closed. Making a “real” pocket costs more money, more labor, more fabric. Sometimes I even leave my “real” pockets sewn closed so that they don’t lose their shape. Believe it or not! But then, I am just a wee bit crazy. Please don’t take that against me.

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@David_Achilles, that’s what I mean. Why put fake pockets on a garment? If there’s room for a pocket, let’s make them real. I’m guessing as a man, you have a number of pocket options. In contrast, women might wear a dress with fake pockets and have nowhere to put their hanky. I just think if a garment has a pocket option, it should be real.

All good @David_Achilles. We all have individual pocket preferences. I really just want one with each outfit.

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I’ve bought suits with jacket pockets on side and front sewn shut, and both rear pockets also on the pants.

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I think it’s so people don’t stretch them out trying them on. I could be wrong though

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To look slimmer when wearing the garment.

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