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If your sister is dating one of the founders of a kitsch website, how long should the relationship progress before you are obligated to buy a website t-shirt?

Asked by drhat77 (6195points) July 25th, 2008
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Dear drhat77,

Buy the t-shirt immediately. It gives you family points. It shows solidarity with the new boyfriend. Plus, should something so south (one hopes not), you have a built-in bonding experience with your sis when you present it to her with a pair of scissors for a nice shredding party.

Miss Manners

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Are you kidding? You should get the shirt for free.

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Turn it around so it’s on to him..

“So, you’ve been going out with my sister for X Weeks/Months and you still haven’t given me a lousy shirt!” :P

Or, if you’re going to buy one, I agree with Marina.. Sooner rather than later.

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I don’t see why you would ever be obligated to buy a shirt, even if your sister marries the guy. Is there some kind of secret meaning behind t-shirts that I’m not aware of?

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I gotta go with Richard Henry on this one, they should GIVE you the shirt, it’s called ADVERTISING and in this case it’s free!

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Second or third. My bro-in-law always hooked us up with his microbrewery s(ch)wag.

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I’m with the free shit idea.

edit: shirt. First time I laughed all morning. wipes tear

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So which one of the Fluther team is your sister dating? After all, Fluther is absolutely kitsch. :)

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You could start by not using derogatory terms describing the website. Hey, you could even pay it a sincere compliment…
You know, ‘In the beginning was Word’, and only then ‘Clothes make the man’

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i’m sorry about being derogatory – i meant neuvo-kitsch :-D

(i’m, learning to be more carefull here – unlike real life people here are prone to taking me seriously)

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ask her. the free shirt idea is only a good one if he’s interested in giving you a free shirt—i can easily imagine a situation in which he would be looking at your potential purchase as a sign of support from you, rather than as an opportunity for him to give you a present, which may be interpreted as sucking up. it might be awkward for him to give you a free shirt if he doesn’t think you like the website (what is the website??).

but yeah, ask her. “do you think you & lenny are serious enough that i should invest in a soapee tshirt, marta?” should do the trick.

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@jacksonrice – sorry for the inside joke. see here
my sister is now dating sferik, AKA usually listed second of guys who run fluther. I was really trying to bait Andrew/Erik/Third Guy to suggest i buy a t-shirt. as you can see no luck so far.

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