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Shall we celebrate the lives of those no longer with us with a meal?

Asked by Stinley (11505points) February 10th, 2016

I think that we have all been saddened and upset by the passing of some of our favourite jellies. I would like to suggest that we bring a dish and some memories to celebrate their lives here on Fluther. This is also a welcome back to those who left and have returned (especially our recipe queen K)

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I’ll start by bringing some of my country’s traditional food. It’s all for Adi, who could have tasted them all with his own mouth if he was still alive. He had a plan to fly to Vietnam just to meet me, and he seemed to have done a lot of research. He promised me he would try to recover so that we could meet. And I waited for the day we could sat in a restaurant and eat all of those things together…

Adi, I know you hid your medical problems just to make sure I can enjoy my life to the fullest. In our last conversation you told me I can make a difference. Now I’m trying my best to recover from the loss and working for the “difference”. I won’t disappoint you.

God this thread brings tears to my eyes.

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I’ll fire up the smoker, St Louis ribs for the meat-eaters and roasted zucchini with olive oil & curry powder for the non meat-eaters.

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I know that Bob (@Adirondackwannabe) had been sick at the end of his much-too-brief life. I’ll make some incredibly delicious and healthful Bresse Mushroom Soup, to make us all feel well. The recipe is vegan, so everyone here can enjoy.

I’m not boasting or being haughty when I say that the soup is wonderful; it isn’t my original creation. I found the recipe in Deborah Madison’s “The Greens Cookbook,” and it uses a wild mushroom stock from the same collection.

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I’ll bring the champagne and dessert. Lemon cheesecake with raspberries, a fine compliment to the bubbly.

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In observance of Kashrut, I will bring challahs, :cedar plank grilled salmon, and since Purim is just around the corner, assorted fruit hamantaschen.
Something to wash it down.

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Someone has to bring pancakes. Would anyone like some of these? I have some Nutella and some maple syrup.

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@Here2_4 Mordecai and Good Queen Esther!

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Sounds great. I make a great omelette. I’d be happy to whip up some with fresh cheddar and ham and/or veggies.

Could we all hold hands at some point? That would be nice.

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I will bring a bucket of cracked corn in honor of Sonora.

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Plenty of wine to warm the pain a bit.

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@Cruiser Yes, and hearts of Romaine. A fowlish good meal. :-)

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@Cruiser I’ve seen countless Great Answers here at Fluther. You just topped them all. That is, without question, the best post I’ve ever read.

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@Cruiser @Love_my_doggie I don’t get it – please explain to this Brit

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(Hold @cookieman ‘s hand)

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(Squeezes @Mimishu1995‘s hand)

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Yes, and I’ll bring a basket of kittens to make us all smile.

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….and a pool of little chinese goslings too. :-)

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@Coloma, I didn’t know Ryan was so Chinese and prolific!

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