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Ladies what would be your favorite way to celebrate Valentine's day?

Asked by Pandora (29838points) February 12th, 2016

I’ve seen lots of ideas for Valentine’s day and I haven’t seen any that would fit my ideal day.

My day would be. My husband either did himself or hired, a cleaning service to clean the house from top to bottom. Then either purchased or made a meal that is in my top 10 with dessert and a wine. Then decided to watch a nice romantic mushy movie with me as we cuddled on the couch drinking more wine. Oh, and he made sure there were no dishes in the sink waiting for me to clean it. Flowers would be ok, but not a deal breaker. I would just like to enjoy the day and not think there is stuff waiting for me to do the next day.

My hubby did come close to that once but the dinner he made had to much hot sauce (the way he likes it) and gave me indigestion all night and it kept me from being able to eat the dessert. He also fell asleep in the first few minutes of the movie because of the wine. And I spent most of the day doing cleaning and laundry.

He did try. “sigh”
But I don’t need a day to show me how special I am to him or vise versa. I never liked obligatory commercial celebrations. Except birthdays and Thanksgiving.

But I wonder how many people would actually want a very simple day on Feb. 14th without all the fan fare.

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Noticed you didn’t ask the guys. Guess we all already know THAT answer

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My partner and I (ladies, both) have a wonderful agreement – we ignore Valentine’s Day completely. It’s awesomesauce.

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Plenty of cash to spend at the grocery store on half price chocolate on February 15th.

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My wife and I have celebrated Feb. 15th for years (she is as cheap as I am). Half price candy, sometimes cheaper, discount flowers and a meal at a restaurant that does not have the price jacked up and no waiting for and hour for a seat.

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I don’t care about Valentine’s Day really. However, I will use it as an excuse for us to do something together. My husband LOVES seafood, so I’ve booked a table for tonight at a restaurant where he can eat lots of seafood. Beyond that, we won’t do anything.

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We do not celebrate the Hallmark holiday.

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@Seek, I love the way you think. LOL
@rojo, I didn’t ask guys because most guys I know seem not to really care about it. I always think that Valentines is the most unromantic day of the year because of the expectations placed upon it. Same for most holidays.

I like it best when my husband does random things for me out of the blue without any expectations and he feels the same way. I know a guy who use to go all out every Valentine and he finally came to a point where it was hard and costly to out do the previous year. When he finally ran out of ideas he was surprised to find that she was ok with not doing anything because she was not as creative and she felt extremely pressured and guilty to find something just as creative. And she found out he also felt the anxiety of the holiday. He would stress for weeks before looking for something that spells I love you in a big way and anniversaries are the same. Now they are both happy with just getting dressed and going out on a date or staying home.

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For me, if I could spend the day with a certain person, it wouldn’t matter what we did.

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We give the staff a night off so the wife can prepare us a romantic meal, ahem…she can’t cook for shit so i’m expecting a St Valentines Day Massacre :(

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@ucme, Well, at least you have no high expectations. LOL

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@Pandora Yeah, the only thing that will be high are the flames burning through the kitchen ceiling

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Just spending time together. Some of the most romantic were road trips that we took, enjoying some place we had never been.

Last night, he took me to dinner and for wine (for me; he had IPA) at out favorite neighborhood bar. Then, we went home and watched DVR’d TV.

Today, we started the day at Starbucks with our favorite espresso drinks. Tonight, we are having lobster tails that I bought for dinner. Possibly, a movie. Perhaps, Sense & Sensibility with Alan Rickman.

We are very lucky that he is home 8 of the next nine days (although working some from home next week).

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I’m really not fond of Valentines day, it can come and go like all the rest of the corny money-making holidays. We should really appreciate each other every day :)

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We like to go to a nice restaurant where any apparel is acceptable. I also gave him a card . I wish he would buy me a big, lovely bouquet but that won’t happen. He thinks they’re a waste of money.
It was a great day for us since my husband has not been out to eat since his major surgery last September when he spent weeks in the hospital , then was in a wheelchair, then on a walker, then a cane and now walks fairly well unaided. So while I was very stressed out wondering if he’d fall down walking into the place he was great and I was happy for him and his amazing accomplishment. He did use his cane to walk inside. And I didn’t have to cook. Still, as good as the seafood was, I was too nervous to really enjoy myself. Just happy for him. I hope you all had a nice day.

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@Aster my wife told me to quit buying cut, dead flowers because they made her feel bad that their lives were cut short so I started buying her potted plants instead but she does not have a green thumb so that fell by the wayside. Chocolates and nice restaurants are always appreciated though.

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@rojo you have a very uniquely sensitive wife ! (their lives were cut short) . Aren’t the potted plants suffering a life cut short also? Boy. The things I read on here blow my mind. lol

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In her hands, yes, unfortunately even potted plants suffer a short life.

It is that time of year when I take the poor, sickly Poinsettia that she has tried to lovingly keep alive for lo on three months now, remove it from its pot and plant it in the garden where it will begin to seemingly revitalize untll this August when the searing heat of the Texas sun causes it to wither and die.

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