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Are there any ways to help stop my dog from barking?

Asked by ukasaka (57points) July 25th, 2008

He barks way too much, sometimes at nothing at all. Anyone having a similar problem? Amyone have a solution?

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@dragonflyfaith – nice! That’s the nicest way I’ve ever seen anyone tell someone else they should search for the answer on fluther before asking a new question. Well done.

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@leb0wski Oh good, I didn’t want it to come off bitchy, because I was certainly trying to be helpful not scolding! I am far too new to scold someone.

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Shock collar? I hear those do well. My dad used one to train his coon dog so it would quit chasing deer. I’m sure you could use one to train a dog to do just about anything.

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well its kinda hard to do without a bark collar but some people dont like those if ur 1 of those people sorry i cant help u

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The citronella collars are great! When they bark, it sprays them
with a lemon scent and REALLY cuts back on how often they bark.
You don’t even have to let them wear it daily. One spray and they won’t bark for days. I bought 2, one for each dog. And I got extra citronella cans.

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